Seeds of Love

Seeds of Love

Wear your love with our Seed Pendant

A simple curved letter, a sign of what is closest to you, something you are dedicated to, your own personal memory. With our Seeds of Love collection, we give your love a beautiful, individual expression. Simple curved letters represent what makes your heart beat faster and are a reminder of all that you stand for.


Give your feelings a new expression

When you think about the ways in which people share their feelings with others, you quickly come across art. Great paintings, symphonies, of shattering seriousness, or poems, so full of images, one would like to have them framed.

Feelings, thoughts - words

Because when we're serious, we like to go beyond the obvious. Then feelings become metaphors, i.e. linguistic images that are often so colorful that we are all too quickly tempted to be satisfied with the many colors and completely forget that there was something before the images: a feeling, a thought, a word.

Happy girl

Carry with you what you love - as a sign for the whole world

That's why Helge designed Seeds of Love in the beautiful Maren Jewellery font. Every feeling is thrown back to its origin, where there is a word, a letter, that triggers the very images in you that can fill all the museums and art archives. One letter. Reduced to the open honesty that only love knows, which reveals itself naturally and without great posturing.

Seeds of Love. Let your Love grow.

It is a first step to retrace the path of feelings until you come across a word or perhaps a name. And if you then give your love its space, embed it in suitable soil, then you enable growth. This is Helges inspiration behind Seeds of Love. Your love can take root and bear fruit. After all, what should define our lives if it is not what we burn for? It can be whatever you feel: a loved one, an expression of your outlook on life, or maybe your motto. Your love, your seed.

Here I am. And this is my love.

Like all her jewelry, Helge makes the Seeds of Love by hand. The seeds are made of recycled 925 sterling silver, each letter is hand polished and the eyelets are soldered on manually. Because the jewelry craft is our passion and we burn to give your love your own personal expression.

Written by: Moritz Hackl

Moritz is a copywriter, blogger and journalist living in Munich.
More than anything else, he likes to write about the beautiful things in life -
such as about sustainable jewellery.