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Verlobungsring: Welche Hand ist die Richtige?

Engagement ring: Which hand is the right one?


Again and again you ask us, on which hand should the engagement ring be worn? The question is not so easy to answer, as there is no rule that dictates where the engagement ring must be worn. In some countries, the engagement ring is worn on the left hand, in others on the right. Everyone is free to decide where they want to wear the engagement ring after the engagement. Nevertheless, many rely on the German tradition and wear the engagement ring on the left ring finger.

In the following journal, we want to provide you with some answers and information on the topic.

Why are engagement rings worn on the left hand in Germany?

In Germany, the engagement ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This is based on a belief from antiquity. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans believed that there was a direct vein, the so-called "Vena Amoris" or "Vein of Love," leading to the heart from the ring finger. This symbolic belief in a connection between this finger and the heart has persisted over the millennia and still influences the tradition of wearing the engagement ring on the left hand in Germany today. Even though such a vein does not actually exist, it is still a beautiful symbol of the intimate bond of a couple's engagement with each other.

On which finger does the engagement ring go: Meaning of the ring finger

The engagement ring and wedding ring are usually worn on the ring finger, but the hand and significance vary depending on the culture. None of the traditional sources refer to the left or right hand. Traditionally, the fourth finger is considered the ring finger, the finger on which significant rings are worn, because the "Vena Amoris" (Vein of Love) allegedly leads directly to the heart, enhancing the romantic value of the ring.

Historically, rings for engagement or marriage were worn on different fingers: in the 17th century in England, even on the thumb, and among the Gauls, on the middle finger. This shows that the choice of finger for the engagement ring is culturally and historically different, with the ring finger being the most common today due to its symbolic proximity to the heart.

On which hand are engagement rings worn in other countries?

The way engagement rings are worn varies depending on the country and culture. In Germany, the engagement ring is often worn on the left ring finger, as the left hand is said to be closer to the heart, while the wedding ring belongs on the right finger. This symbolizes the formal connection. In Switzerland or Spain, for example, it is exactly the opposite. There, the engagement ring is usually worn on the right hand and the wedding ring switches to the left hand during the wedding, as in Italy, Croatia, and the Netherlands. In many other countries, such as the USA, Ireland, or England, it is common to wear both rings on the left hand. Despite these diverse traditions, such customs are no longer binding nowadays.

Where do you wear the engagement ring after the wedding?

After the wedding, many women are faced with the question of how to continue wearing their beloved engagement ring. Many have a strong emotional attachment to their engagement ring and the engagement itself and want to continue wearing it even after the wedding.

Some women keep it on the left hand, while the wedding ring goes on the right hand. Alternatively, the engagement ring can be worn as a stacking ring on the right hand in front of the wedding ring. For some, wearing both rings on a necklace can also be an elegant solution, especially if rings are not allowed in the workplace.

On the same finger with the wedding ring - The principle of the stacking ring

A more beautiful and symbolic way is to wear the engagement ring as a Vorsteckring in front of the wedding ring. This trend, originally from the USA and Great Britain, emphasizes the importance of the engagement and integrates the ring harmoniously into the new chapter of married life. Very popular is the set consisting of a classic solitaire ring with diamonds and a simple band ring. Wearing the engagement ring as a Vorsteckring in front of the wedding ring symbolizes the solidified love, in which the marriage is secured by the engagement ring in front.

However, this is not always possible, as some engagement rings may not be optimally combined with a wedding ring. Fortunately, many jewelers nowadays offer special Vorsteckringe that are perfectly matched to the engagement ring. These rings are designed to harmonize with the engagement ring in both shape and color of the precious metal. All engagement rings from Maren Jewellery are designed to be worn in combination with our wedding rings.

Traditional change of the ring to the right hand

Those who value traditions in Germany undergo a change of engagement ring from one hand to the other when getting married. Both rings are now worn on the right hand.

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The choice of which finger and which hand to prefer for the engagement ring often depends solely on personal taste and what is most meaningful for your engagement as a couple.

Ultimately, there are no strict rules on how the engagement ring should be worn before or after the wedding. It is important for each couple to find a solution that best reflects their personal preferences and lifestyle.

Frequently asked questions about engagement rings

Who puts the engagement ring on the finger during the proposal?

Traditionally, the person making the marriage proposal puts the engagement ring on their partner's left finger.

However, there are also more modern interpretations, for example, the couple can put the ring on together or if both receive a ring, they can put the ring on each other.

Each couple should follow their own preferences here and make the moment of ring exchange a personal and meaningful experience.

On which knee do you propose?

Traditionally, one kneels on the right knee during a marriage proposal, this ritual of reverence dates back to the courtly tradition.

However, there are no fixed rules today, as a couple you can freely find the position that suits you best for the proposal. It is also not uncommon to kneel on both knees, or to make the proposal while sitting or standing.

Do you wear the engagement ring every day?

As a symbol of your connection and love for each other, the engagement ring is worn daily. However, this is also a personal decision, you can also wear the ring only on special occasions. Definitely, the engagement ring should be taken off during sports to protect it or at work, for example, in professions in the craft sector or when dealing with machinery. It is also advisable to take off the ring during housework or gardening.

Written By Helge Maren

Helge Maren, the designer behind Maren Jewellery, combines her deep passion for jewelery with impressive expertise. Her texts reflect her dedication to the timeless, luxurious jewelry aesthetic and a forward-looking sustainable lifestyle that characterize Maren Jewelry.

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