Wild Lines

Wild Lines

Peace in the Wild

If one goes into nature, one has to be prepared: The weather can change at any time, the path that just seemed to lead to the desired destination ends abruptly or one encounters wild nature, animals, rocks, walls whose tranquillity should not - or cannot - be disturbed. But isn't there something beautiful in this unpredictability?


Unpredictability gives peace

The knowledge that any plan can fail gives way to a whole new peace. It certainly requires courage. But if you allow yourself to give up responsibility, the ability to plan, even the plan at all, and let nature take its course, you can feel it: the clocks go slower, because here the wind determines the time. And there it is, peace in the wild.

Lines of living change

This constant change, the living nature leaves its lines everywhere: in the life rings of the trees, in the form of moss on the rocks or in the tracks that new streams draw into the landscape every spring. And it is these lines that have inspired the new jewellery pieces in the Wilderness collection.


Wild Lines Ring

The beautiful Wild Lines ring from the Wilderness collection, handmade in Germany, is made of German recycled 18-carat gold. As self-assured as a stream in the landscape, as delicate as the lifelines of a tree, these are the lines on the delicately crafted Wild Lines ring. The timeless elegance of nature.

Wild Lines Pendant

Our Wild Lines pendant shows the relief of the wilderness: clear lines, filigree crafted from 18 carat recycled gold and set with a beautifully pure synthetic Eco diamond. The pendant is like the experience of nature itself: Radiant, impressive and timeless. And of course it suits every occasion, whether you're going out to celebrate or to the great outdoors!

Written by: Moritz Hackl

Moritz is a copywriter, blogger and journalist living in Munich.
More than anything else, he likes to write about the beautiful things in life -
such as about sustainable jewellery.