A gift of love

A gift of love

What is more beautiful than knowing that there is someone who loves you? Love lives by giving it away, by passing it on and thus letting it grow. But how to find the right words for feelings that go beyond language, for a bond that makes every sentence seem silly, just by its sheer importance? When every word seems stale, like a costume that is put over the feelings and takes away their depth, their uniqueness, their essence - then why not give more than just words: give a unique token of your love with a sustainable piece of jewelry from Maren Jewellery.

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Give as personal as never before!

Big words and intimate feelings? That doesn't quite go together. That's why, with the new jewelry pieces in the Essence collection, we have once again turned our attention to what makes our love so unique: the silence, the quiet moments, the healing honesty. Reduced to hushed whispers, to words spoken in vulnerable honesty, Your Essence Coin Pendant is the tender reminder of your most lovable self: Your real self.


The Your Essence Coin pendant symbolizes what you want it to stand for!

I create the Your Essence Coin pendants from high-quality 18 carat white gold or yellow gold and emboss them with the letter you would like to have on them. What that letter stands for is entirely up to you: Whether it stands for a shared memory, shared values, or a very special person.

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Combine it with the jewelry you already have at home

The simple, intimate and understated design of the Your Essence Coin Pendant makes it the ideal piece of jewelry to combine with pendants you already have at home. A beautiful contrast is created, I think, when you combine white gold and yellow or rose gold jewelry and so the best of both worlds.

Written by: Moritz Hackl

Moritz is a copywriter, blogger and journalist living in Munich.
More than anything else, he likes to write about the beautiful things in life -
such as about sustainable jewellery.