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Maren Love Story – Verlobungsring für Nele

Maren Love Story - Engagement Ring for Nele

Love Story
We are overjoyed to share the story of Nele and Moritz with you. It is a story full of love, joy, and a very special moment - the moment of engagement. For Nele and Moritz, we have created something very special, an engagement ring that symbolizes their unique love and connection. This handmade custom piece is a tribute to their love for each other and to their shared future. Often we do not know where our jewelry pieces will go or what stories they will accompany. But in this case, we are particularly excited to find out how this ring will take a special place in Nele and Moritz's lives. Immerse yourself in the emotional and romantic story of this special "Love Story," which shows how meaningful a piece of jewelry can be.

Interview with Nele and Moritz

Moritz, some time ago you approached us with a very special idea to have a custom engagement ring made for your girlfriend. We are very excited to hear more from you today about this unique gesture.

Feel free to introduce yourselves first: Who are you, what defines you, and how did you find each other?

Nele & Moritz:
We have been living together with our dog Elma in Munich for several years. Nele works as a psychotherapist and Moritz as a journalist. Elma doesn't have a job, she only provides unpaid care work. We enjoy being in the mountains, equally enjoying hiking as well as stopping for a break. We actually met while taking a break. Moritz was working in a bar, Nele was a guest. But because Moritz was too busy staring, Nele had to take the initiative and gave him her number. Then we met and haven't been apart since.

This sounds like a beautiful life together, thank you for this special little insight

Now we naturally want to know from you, Moritz, what kind of ring should it be and why? Feel free to tell us more about your idea and how it has taken shape.

I knew I wanted to give Nele a special ring, delicate and handmade. But because my ideas were otherwise quite vague, I was very happy that Helge immediately had good approaches that turned into a really beautiful ring.

We would love to hear more about your engagement:

How did the special moment of your engagement unfold and what emotions were involved?

After receiving the ring, it felt like it was burning a hole in my desk drawer: it had to come out. That's why I put Nele in the car on the first possible weekend and drove her to Lake Starnberg.

When we were sitting somewhat romantically in front of the Alpine panorama, reflecting in the water, on a bench, I knew: something had to be said. I had actually meticulously planned everything with a suspense curve and sentences that aimed straight for the tear ducts. But then everything was gone. So I stumbled around a bit: "Dear Nele, we have known each other for several years now, um, yes, exactly." After a few more sentences, I realized that it wouldn't lead anywhere. So I pulled out the ring and let it speak for me. Nele said "Yes!" and that's what matters in the end.

Because the whole thing wasn't quite cinematic, I have repeated the proposal several times since then, the sentences are now flowing more smoothly. I think: By the time of the wedding, the perfect take should be in the can.

So I pulled out the ring and let it speak for me. Nele said "Yes!"

Why did you choose a custom-made piece from Maren Jewellery? Did sustainability play a special role in the selection of the ring?

I have been following the work of Maren Jewellery for some time now and I love the approach of creating very special, luxurious pieces of jewelry that are sustainably crafted – I think that's great. I decided on a custom-made piece because I wanted the ring Nele to reflect my relationship with Nele, which is truly unique to me. And because I immediately felt well taken care of by Helge's advice and support, and just like Nele, I am totally thrilled with the ring, I know I made the right choice. Of course, now we also want to have our wedding rings crafted by Helge!

Thank you very much for your openness and this beautiful personal insight into this special and eventful moment in your lives.

We wish you all the best for your future together and congratulate you once again on your engagement.

Would you like to share your very own "maren love story" in the form of an interview in one of our journals with us? Feel free to contact us easily. Whether by email or through one of our social media channels, we look forward to hearing from you and to your jewelry story.

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