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Nachhaltige Ringe mit Diamanten von Maren Jewellery

Sustainable rings

Timeless beauty, responsibly crafted

At Maren Jewelery we combine timeless beauty with a clear commitment to sustainability. Our sustainable rings are not only an expression of love and elegance, but also a symbol of our commitment to the environment and ethical responsibility.

Our sustainable rings are made from recycled high-quality 18-karat gold. This means that no additional gold is obtained from mining activities. Instead, we use existing gold, which we craft into beautiful rings with care and precision.

The diamonds in our rings are as special as they are ethically responsible. We rely on laboratory diamonds that are produced in controlled environments.

Unsere Kollektion nachhaltiger Ringe umfasst eine breite Auswahl an Designs, von klassisch bis modern. Ob Du nach einem Verlobungsring suchst, ein Jubiläum feierst oder einfach ein besonderes Geschenk machen möchtest, unsere Ringe sind die perfekte Wahl für jene, die zeitlose Schönheit mit Umweltbewusstsein verbinden möchten.

Maren Jewellery ist stolz darauf, ein Vorreiter in der nachhaltigen Schmuckindustrie zu sein. Wir glauben daran, dass Luxus und Verantwortung Hand in Hand gehen können. Unsere nachhaltigen Ringe sind ein Ausdruck dieses Glaubens und spiegeln unser Engagement für eine bessere Zukunft wider.

Entdecke die zeitlose Eleganz und ethische Verantwortung unserer nachhaltigen Ringe bei Maren Jewellery. Wir laden Dich herzlich ein, unsere Kollektion zu erkunden und ein Stück Schmuck zu wählen, das nicht nur schön ist, sondern auch Gutes für unseren Planeten tut.

More jewelry ideas

Nachhaltiger Wave Ring am Finger

Sustainable rings out of connection with nature

Rings are often attributed a great symbolic meaning or they are usually the jewelry of choice when it comes to symbolize a belonging or attachment. For example, friendship rings, engagement rings, wedding rings or even signet rings are often worn with the idea of feeling close to one or more people.

We find this idea of connectedness beautiful and also want to express a deep connection with our earth with our sustainable rings.

Because for us it is clear: sustainability and jewelry design belong together!

The Essence Ehering in Schmuck Schale von Maren Jewellery

Rings as a keeper of your memory

You want to give your sustainable ring a very personal touch and immortalize a small message, memory or person in it?

We think it's wonderful when our jewelry becomes an expression of your story or memory and will be happy to engrave it for you if you wish. Let us know what you have in mind and we will see how we can integrate your memory into your ring.

Beispiel Kombination beim Ring Stacking mit Ringen von Maren Jewellery

Ring stacking: a sustainable trend

Have you heard about the trend of ring stacking? Several rings are combined with each other on one finger. Filigree rings with wide rings, rings made of gold with rings made of silver - there are no limits to your creativity and each finger plays a very individual role in the ensemble with its set of rings.

We think this trend can be combined with our sustainability approach. Because all our sustainable rings with their raised settings fulfill the prerequisite to nestle optimally with your existing rings and to combine them into ever new, exciting compositions.

Frequently asked questions about sustainable rings

Are the sustainable rings by Maren Jewellery also vegan?

Yes, all our sustainable, filigree rings as well as their packaging are vegan. We completely avoid animal products like leather or pearls, horn or mother of pearl and due to our high quality production we don't use any glue. We also do not use any animal ingredients in our packaging - even the glue of our packaging is vegan. We pursue a holistic sustainability approach– aalso in the design of our sustainable rings

Is every ring from Maren Jewellery unisex wearable?

Does beauty have a gender? We think not. That is why every sustainable ring from Maren Jewellery is of course unisex wearable. But especially the wide and filigree rings of the Essence-Collection is suitable for giving any style a timeless touch and a very individual expression with its reduced design. The Essence collection is deliberately designed unisex for all those who love minimalist, simple elegance and also want to show it.

How do I find out my ring size?

The easiest way to find out your ring size is to have an old ring as a benchmark, which already fits you well on the corresponding finger. On each of our ring product pages you will find our

Size Guide next to the ring size.

When you download this, you can easily compare your old ring to our circle patterns to determine the size you need for your new sustainable ring. The sizes shown correspond to the inner circumference of the ring. If you don't have a matching ring at hand, you can find out your ring size by cutting out our measuring tape from the Size Guide and cutting in at the dotted line. All you have to do is put the tape measure around your finger and read off the ideal ring size for your new, delicate ring.


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