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Classic Engagement Ring: ReMind Medium Solitaire

1.245,00 €

incl. taxes


18k recycled yellow gold & lab diamond

Handmade:delivered in 3 weeks in DE


14 days return policy

B Corp & RJC certified

Only Yours – Our Engraving Service

Let your jewelry become as special as the emotions and memories you associate with it by having it engraved. Having your own jewelry engraved is a beautiful way of personalization. Whether for yourself or a loved one, immortalizing a personal message will turn every piece of jewelry into a precious unique item.

Process of our Engraving Service:
> Option A: You order one of our jewelry pieces through our website and add our engraving service (we need about 1-2 weeks extra time for the engraving)
> Option B: You choose to have your jewelry engraved by us and order our engraving service through our website.
> Afterwards, we will send you a selection of possible fonts via email. You can also send us your individual wishes for personalizing your jewelry.
> You will receive an email with an insured shipping label, and your jewelry can be safely sent to us for engraving.
> We will carry out the high-quality engraving according to your wishes.
> Finally, we will securely send your jewelry back to you.

Suitable Jewelry:
Only genuine jewelry is suitable for our engraving service. You can have your silver, platinum, and gold jewelry engraved with us. Unfortunately, gold-plated jewelry or costume jewelry is not suitable, as the plating comes off during processing.

Engraved jewelry cannot be exchanged, but the size of rings can still be adjusted.

Secure Jewelry Shipping:
Outbound and return shipping are included in the price.

The beautiful, classic ReMind Medium Solitaire engagement ring is the medium-sized version of our popular prong-set diamond engagement ring. It was handcrafted in Germany as part of the ReMind collection and is made from German recycled 18k gold and a 3.8mm hand-set lab diamond. With our medium version of the classic engagement ring you are in the right place if you prefer something somewhere between eye-catching and subtle.

Read more about the ReMind collection and classic medium engagement rings.

Ring: width 1.3 mm / height 1 mm / top: width 5.5 x 5.5 mm / height 4.5 mm Material: recycled gold 18 carat from Germany 1 laboratory diamond 3.8 mm round cut: very good - color: df - clarity: vvs-vs - carat: 0.2 total

> Read more about our materials

Every piece of Maren jewelry is designed by designer Helge Maren and handcrafted for you in Germany.

We stand for holistic sustainability, which means sustainable materials, sustainable packaging, local and fair production of high-quality, long-lasting jewelry. We also donate 3% of our profits and reduce our CO2 emissions as much as possible, compensating for unavoidable CO2 emissions.

The production and material of this classic engagement ring requires approx. 2.8 kg of CO2. We offset 100 kg of CO2 when you purchase the piece of jewelry. You save approx. 87% CO2 compared to conventionally manufactured jewelry

> Read more about our sustainability

Classic Engagement Ring: ReMind Medium Solitaire

1.245,00 €
Unsere goldenen Solitärringe in drei Größen.

3 sizes: the right engagement ring for everyone

We have designed three different models of the classic ReMind Solitaire engagement ring: the mini, medium and regular versions. They differ in the size of the diamond set. This means you can choose the classic engagement ring according to your personal preferences. No matter whether flashy is your thing, you like to wear your love discreetly on your finger or somewhere in between: choose the diamond size that best suits you and your style.

In addition to the size of the diamond, you can choose between different diamond colors and you can also choose between high-quality, 18 carat yellow gold or white gold when it comes to the material of the ring.

As individual as love, so is the ring that expresses it!

Traditional also goes sustainable

Our classic solitaire engagement rings are all made of 18 karat gold. Whether you choose yellow gold or white gold, a more valuable gold alloy is not used in jewelry manufacturing. Our engagement rings are thus all luxury items, for the production of which in the industry so far, unfortunately, often have to suffer people and the environment.

We would like to change that!

You should be able to wear our traditional engagement rings at any time with a clear conscience!

So, using our holistic approach to sustainability, we craft jewelry that is as pure, honest and long-lasting as your love.

Convince yourselves!

Space for your personal message

What better place for small messages or memories than hidden in a ring that you carry with you every day?

We think it's wonderful when our engagement rings carry your story and we'll be happy to engrave it in the ring after consulting with you. Just tell us your specific ideas and we will see how we can integrate them into your solitaire engagement ring.

Frequently asked questions about the classic engagement ring

How do I find out the ring size for the classic engagement ring?

AThe best thing to do is to take a ring of your partner as a yardstick, which already fits perfectly on the desired finger. On all product pages of our Solitaire engagement rings you will find a link to our Size Guide next to the size selection field, which helps you with samples to determine the required size of our rings. If you don't have a ring to use as a gauge, you can use the measuring tape in our Size Guide to find out the optimal ring size. Directly to the Size Guide

Do all of Maren Jewellery's solitaire engagement rings have a prong setting?

We use claw settings on all of Maren Jewellery's classic solitaire engagement rings to secure the synthetic diamonds to the ring. Four wire-shaped bars - called claws - hold the diamonds we set in place in such a way that they remain visible in their full size and light can penetrate them unimpeded from all sides. The resulting light reflections allow the diamonds to sparkle in their full color splendor, giving the Solitaire engagement rings their very special brilliance.

What makes the Solitaire engagement ring a classic?

The popularity of engagement rings, in which a diamond is the central and exposed design element, goes back in history to the 15th century. At that time, the Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave his future wife Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring to express his love with the preciousness and uniqueness of the stone. However, due to the rarity of diamonds at that time, such a gesture was reserved for only a few rich people until the 19th century. From the 19th century, the solitaire engagement ring then enjoyed in the wake of falling gemstone prices ever-increasing popularity. One could let the ring speak nevertheless wonderfully symbolically for the radiating, pure and precious connection to a dear person. Even today, the solitaire ring is considered one of the most popular engagement rings worldwide and a true classic!


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