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Klima? Positiv!

Climate? Positive!


Whenever we need inspiration, when the soul thirsts and a break is needed, then we find the answer to all these longings in nature. Because it holds something that no city has yet: a pervasive peace. And with this peace we want to be in relationship, we want to be part, but not only. After all, relationships are about give and take.

In harmony with nature

Maren Jewelery stands forLuxury jewelry in harmony with nature. It doesn't stop with the materials we use. But it starts with that. That's why we forge our pieces of jewelryrecycled 18k gold, white gold and925 sterling silver. Instead of natural diamonds, whose origin is all too often questionable and unclear, which come from war zones or are scooped from the depths of the mines by children, we have opted for synthetic eco diamonds. It has taken us a long time to establish a supply chain that fits our aspirations, with partners who take our goals as seriously as we do.

Our resources? Consistent.

But of course: Whenever something is produced, waste products are also produced. We are working to ensure that all our waste products are recyclable and can therefore simply be fed back into the production cycle. And here we come circular economy closer and closer, for example by doing without plastic and other non-degradable resources. But it's all about the means of production. But what about our carbon footprintk?

What we love we must protect

Climate-conscious work

Of course, the topic of climate neutrality is central to us. But all we can do is reduce our emissions, we cannot stop them yet. But wherever there are adjustments, we make adjustments: we use a Fairphone, travel as little as possible and if so, then by train instead of by car. And the results are impressive. The CO2 values of our jewelry are negligible compared to conventional luxury jewelry. But that's not enough for us. That's why we chose to do more to make less possible.

This is how climate neutrality works

The question is: How can a company become climate-neutral We cooperate with Choose. This is an initiative that creates projects that reduce and offset the CO2 consumption of donating companies and private individuals. For every piece of jewelry that we produce, we offset 100 kilograms of CO2. That's more than we emit with our jewellery. Our figures, which you will soon find in our sustainability report concretely understand, speak a clear language: Our goal of forging luxury jewelry in harmony with nature is paying off: We reduce our emissions every day and more than that is compensated. And that's exactly why Maren Jewelery is climate-positive. We are proud of that. Because what we love, we must protect. We love nature. What do you love?

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Written By Moritz Hackl

Moritz is a copywriter, blogger and journalist and lives in Munich. He prefers to write about the beautiful things in life - such as sustainable jewellery.


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