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Unser Nachhaltigkeitsreport

Our Sustainability Report


A look ahead – our sustainability report

Maren Jewelery stands for Luxury jewelry in harmony with nature– and we want to live that too. It was clear to us from the start: We want to design jewelry that fits our values. Consistent, responsible and mindful. But it is also clear that we cannot achieve this goal alone. It takes partners who care about nature as much as we do, Partnersfor whom being in harmony with nature is more important than comfort. And we found these partners. We have built a holistically sustainable supply chain and we are proud of that. But we don't want to rest on our laurels.

Openness enables growth

This is not the only reason why we have decided to disclose all of our figures. As a company, we are also committed to growth. Personal growth, but also growth in terms of understanding. And in our opinion, this is only possible if we deal openly with weaknesses. Only if we are aware of where our weaknesses lie can we respond appropriately and improve. Not only for us, but above all for nature.

Why a sustainability report?

We wrote a sustainability report. As a unit of measure for you, but also for us. We want to know where we stand so that we can be concrete about where we want to go. That's why you can now get an accurate picture of how much Co2 our jewelry costs compared to conventional pieces of jewelry, where we get our diamonds, our gold, our silver from and who produces it for us. You will get a detailed overview of our values and goals.

Maren Resource Impact

The future is sustainable

Because that too is mindfulness for us. Maren Jewelery is not a closed, finished company, but dynamic. We want to move, want to grow and learn. We want to challenge ourselves. We have goals, like the circular economy, that we want to achieve. There is much to do. Let's tackle it together.

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