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Unser Verlobungsring Guide

Our engagement ring guide

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You are looking for the perfect engagement ring With the help of the following steps you are guaranteed to find the ring that suits you and your love story for the all-important question to your partner.  

Step 1

The selection of the precious metal

The first step in choosing an engagement ring is deciding on the precious metal. Rings made of white and yellow gold are usually available, but rings made of silver or stainless steel are not uncommon.

A timeless and classic charm is generally attributed to gold and platinum, and it has always been a sign of value and noblesse. Silver and stainless steel offer a modern and cooler aesthetic without necessarily sacrificing elegance.

When making your selection, always take into account your partner's personal style and the color of the jewelry that he or she usually likes to wear.

step 2

The diamond selection

The next step is to think about the style of the ring. Diamonds give every ring that certain something and provide additional elegance. There are very different shapes and cuts and of course a diamond-free ring can also make an excellent engagement ring..

This is a timeless classic among engagement rings Solitaire ring. Despite its traditional use, it offers numerous individual possibilities. These begin with the selection of the precious metal and continue with the diamond size and setting, right up to the diamond color.

A nice extension of the solitaire ring is the Trilogy ring, with its three stones it combines the meaning of past, present and future. Each diamond in the Trilogy Ring represents one of these crucial phases of life and tells a unique story.

However, they embody a modern and unique style Infinity Rings with continuous diamonds. They symbolize eternity and infinity, which fits perfectly with an engagement.

You should also consider the combinability at this point. If the ring is to be worn together with a slip-on ring, for example a wedding ring, not all settings are suitable. We would be happy to support you if you are unsure about this.n.

step 3

The ring size

In the third step of our engagement ring guide we take care of the ring size. To ensure the engagement ring fits perfectly, it is important to know the correct ring size. If you don't know your partner's ring size, there are various ways to find out.

It's easiest if you already have a ring as a benchmark that fits him or her well on the corresponding finger. On all of our product pages you will find ours next to the field for selecting the ring size Size Guide for download. Once you have printed out the document, you can easily compare the appropriate ring with the circle patterns on the size guide and find out the right size. Important: The sizes shown are always the inner circumference.

If you don't have a suitable ring at hand, you can alternatively cut out the measuring tape on the size guide. This has to be placed around your finger and you can read the ring size.

If the ring does not fit perfectly despite careful measurement, we will adjust it free of charge.

Step 4

The individualization

Make your engagement ring unique by choosing between different customization options. One option is to add one engraving, to give the ring an additional personal touch. In this way, for example, dates, initials or one of your secrets can find their way onto the ring.

Another option is an individual Adjustment or jewelry making Perhaps you would like to integrate a special gemstone or you have a special setting in mind to make the ring unique. There are no limits to your ideas and creativity and we look forward to working with you on a design that translates your ideas into the language of jewelry.  

Step 5

The ring presentation

If you don't want to hide the ring in a dessert in a cinematic way, there are various ways to store it safely and bring it out at the crucial moment.

Ring boxes are particularly popular. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and designs. For example, we offer a plain white box made of solid cardboard or a high-quality one Wooden ring box at. Some boxes, like ours, also have different slots so that the box can store both one and two rings. This makes it ideal for being used again for marriage.

Step 6


Although we have given you the most important steps in choosing a ring in our engagement ring guide, it can still be helpful to consult our team. We are happy to assist you with our expertise and experience and support you with any decision-making difficulties, your wishes and questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out my partner's ring size without asking her?

There are several discreet ways to find out ring size, such as using one of their existing rings. Feel free to use our size guide found on every ring product page for easy ring size reading and to ensure your engagement ring is the right size.

Can I customize the engagement ring at Maren Jewellery?

Yes, Maren Jewelery offers you the opportunity to personalize engagement rings. For example, you can have a personal engraving immortalized or you can have your own creations implemented in the form of a custom-made product. Feel free to contact us and we will talk about your ideas together.

Do Maren Jewelery engagement rings have diamond certificates?

Yes, Maren Jewelery issues certificates confirming the quality and authenticity of the diamonds used. This is customary in the industry from a diamond size of 0.5 carats. Furthermore, each order is accompanied by a Maren Jewelery certificate with information on the materials used.

Can I get advice from Maren Jewelery to find the perfect engagement ring?

Yes, the Maren Jewelery team is more than happy to assist you and advise you on choosing the right engagement ring based on your taste, the style of your partner and other preferences.

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