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Nachhaltige Schmuckgeschenke  ökologisch verpackt

Sustainable gifts for your loved ones

If you want to consciously give your loved ones a special treat, sustainable gifts are the perfect choice. Jewelry is an excellent way to express your love, affection and gratitude in a very special way.

The special thing about jewelry is that it is not only intended for the moment, but also for eternity. It is often passed on, given away or inherited, meaning that it not only accompanies a lifetime but connects generations. The memorable stories each piece of jewelry tells are passed down from one generation to the next, preserving the meaning of jewelry long after our own lives.

Jewelry is therefore not only a timeless gift, but also a timeless memory that increases in value over the years and preserves the stories of our love and connection forever.




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Jewelery is for eternity and therefore a timeless gift that will be preserved far into the future - usually for a lifetime. With its individual and often sentimental meaning, it is often given away or inherited. This sustainable gift idea even lasts a lifetime and the memorable stories that each piece of jewelry tells will be passed on to future generations. Hardly any other sustainable gift is as valuable and durable as jewellery, so let yourself be inspired by our lovingly selected pieces of jewelery made of recycled gold and silver, handmade in Germany for you and your loved ones. Sustainable gifts. Lasting Memories.

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Solitärringe als hochwertiges Geschenk für Frauen

Sustainable gifts for you

Are you looking for a high-quality Christmas present for a special woman in your life? Be it for your wife, your fiancee, a friend, your sister, mother, mother-in-law or aunt, with a fair and environmentally friendly gift you will undoubtedly conjure up a long-lasting smile on the face of the recipient. Because you are giving her a gift that she benefits from every day. At the same time, you save a large part of the emissions compared to giving away conventional jewelry and are not responsible for any further negative consequences for our nature. With a sustainable jewelry gift that is manufactured in harmony with our environment, you are spot on.

Ketten und Ringe als Geschenk präsentiert am männlichen Model

Sustainable gifts for him

Browse through our lovingly compiled selection of jewelry for men and discover the right and at the same time sustainable gift for a special man in your life. Depending on the interpretation, our sustainable gift ideas can underline masculinity as well as exude a certain lightness and decorate every look with their timeless design - without being obtrusive. An understated statement made of recycled gold or silver that He uses every day and is good for both Him and our earth.

It's Christmas time:Sustainable Christmas gifts

For many people, the gesture of giving to celebrate love symbolizes an important and emotional tradition that they do not want to do without. If you want something special and at the same time responsible for Christmas this year, you are undoubtedly in the right place with our sustainable gift ideas in the form of timeless pieces of jewellery. Because our jewelry as a gift is not only sustainable, but also personal and value-preserving! For us, ethics and aesthetics are inextricably linked, which is why you are guaranteed to be able to present our stylish, handcrafted pieces of jewelery with a clear conscience as sustainable gifts to your loved ones.

Frequently asked questions about sustainable gifts


Gifts are sustainable if they are made from sustainable materials and produced responsibly. Jewelry as a sustainable gift idea should therefore always be made from fair trade or recycled precious metals . The gemstones, in turn, must be fairly traded, certified and traceable. In the best case scenario, they are grown directly in the laboratory . All other materials, such as packaging, should also contain as little plastic as possible and no animal ingredients. Production should be done locally, with fair pay and in strict compliance with occupational safety measures.

Furthermore, the jewelry should be durable. Therefore, a certain quality standard must apply and the sustainable gift must outlast trends. Short-term fads may seem like a nice gift at first glance, but they will most likely soon end up in a drawer or even thrown away. Timeless and minimalist design - like that of our jewelry - can be easily combined in the long term and can therefore be worn for a long time. A clear and at the same time calm design language also leads to a reduction in resource consumption.

And last but not least: Giving sustainable gifts also means giving only what will actually be used and valued. Unfortunately, giving someone who doesn't wear any jewelry a valuable necklace with a pendant - possibly with a personal engraving - makes little sense and should be reconsidered.


Sustainable gifts can look very different. If you would like to give one of our pieces of jewelry as a gift but can't decide which one is right, our Gift Finder Quiz might be able to help you. In addition to the possibility of giving away a beautiful, sustainable piece of jewelry for Valentine's Day , for example, you could also give the gift of very individual time together. Vouchers or something homemade could also be a nice way to cater to the very personal hobbies and preferences of the person you want to give a gift to. You can find more helpful tips in our journal on the topic of sustainable giving .


When we were founded, we thought about what sustainable packaging for our jewelry could look like. One thing was clear: we need a different approach than just packaging that is then thrown away. So we looked for partners who share this vision with us. When purchasing one of our pieces of jewelry, you can choose from two different packaging options. There is a linen version and a paper version. The linen for our Linen Case and the cardboard for our Paper Case come from sustainable partners. In addition, this applies to our paper insert, filler, shipping labels and even the printing ink on our wrapping paper, which is something we are very proud of. Your sustainable gifts will arrive as environmentally friendly as possible and can be given away directly in their packaging.


As soon as we receive an order, we start production and ship within 1-3 weeks. As a sustainable and responsible company, we do not have any stock items, but only handcraft your sustainable gift for you once you order it 'Made to Order'. In this way, we conserve valuable resources and you can be sure that you are receiving a valuable, unique piece. The subsequent shipping time is usually 1-3 working days.


All of our jewelry is only shipped insured, so you don't have to worry about the shipping route. If you are not satisfied after receiving it despite our detailed descriptions, you are welcome to make use of your 2-week right of return and send the jewelry back to us - also insured.

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