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Wedding jewelry

Forever and far beyond:Our rings are more than just pieces of jewelry, they are the guardians of your most beautiful memories.

An engagement and wedding is a special moment in life, a promise of love made to last forever. Our rings are created to capture these unique moments forever.

Wedding & Engagement Rings

Together is a beautiful place

Beautiful symbioses can be created on the finger by means of plug-in rings. Due to the raised setting of all our engagement rings, they can be combined with the wedding ring in such a way that two great moments merge into one story. Wearing the engagement ring as a slip-on ring in front of the wedding ring symbolizes your solid love by securing the marriage with the engagement ring sitting in front of it.

Custom made

Love knows no fixed shapes or sizes - neither does your wedding ring or engagement ring have to. We manufacture these as individually as you wish. After all, the rings that you wear as a symbol of your love should not be compromises, but should be as special and unique as your love itself.

Especially when it comes to love, there are no half measures. That’s why everything has to be right with our wedding rings and engagement rings. After all, they should stand as a symbol for your great love and not only today, but also tomorrow and always!

We therefore think that all our rings should be in no way inferior to your love in terms of purity, honesty and specialness. That is why they are carefully thought out and sustainably manufactured down to the last detail. They consist exclusively of high-quality recycled 18k gold and synthetic eco diamonds and are therefore made for your eternity.


Under what conditions are Maren Jewelery's wedding and engagement rings produced?

At Maren Jewelery, we follow a mindful, sustainable and responsible corporate approach that defines each of our decisions and also permeates our entire production process. Our pieces of jewelery are therefore made in the interests of our environment without compromise, from the initial design idea to the finished delivery to our customers. We only use recycled gold, silver and synthetic eco diamonds as well as plastic-free packaging and only work with selected, sustainable partners and suppliers who share our vision and inspire us to think further about sustainability every day. We advocate long-term relationships with our partners, support fair working conditions and strictly reject child labor. Maren Jewelery exclusively produces Made to Order in Germany, which enables us to keep our transport routes as short as possible and to avoid overproduction. As far as we can, we do not use plastic in the manufacture of our jewelry.ks.

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Are Maren Jewelery wedding and engagement rings unique?

All pieces of jewelery at Maren Jewelery are carefully handcrafted individual pieces. This means that no piece of jewelry is exactly like the other, but as individual and lively as you and your love.

Is it safe to order engagement rings or wedding bands online?

It is actually harmless to order engagement rings, wedding rings or other high-quality goods on the Internet if you do this from trustworthy dealers. If you order online, however, always make sure that you can trace where the piece of jewelery and, if applicable, the diamond in your wedding ring or engagement ring come from. Reputable sellers are happy to be contacted, can always answer your questions transparently and are happy to share all information with you in order to give you the best possible advice on your online purchase. A particular advantage of buying rings online is the fact that you can carefully and calmly get an overview of all the details that are important to you, regardless of shop opening hours. If you are still not satisfied with your selection, you always have a 2-week right of return, which you can make use of.


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