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We are proud to have a variety of sustainability certificates that inspire us to continually check ourselves and fulfill our ambition to become better and more sustainable. As a B Corp and RJC certified company, we take seriously our corporate and social responsibility, which is inextricably linked to our founding.

These certifications confirm that we meet the needs of all stakeholders, be it employeesinside, supplierinside or customerinside, at the center of our actions. We understand the importance of long-term sustainability for the existence of Maren Jewelery and therefore work closely with suppliersinternally that also adhere to high sustainability standards.

Our efforts have already been recognized by awards such as the German Design Award in the sustainable jewelry design category and the Green Product Award. These recognitions confirm our commitment to outstanding design and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

At Maren Jewelery, sustainability and social responsibility are not just promises, but fundamental principles that guide our actions and motivate us to always strive for the highest standards.

faqs about our certificates

Does Maren Jewelery Have Sustainability Certificates?

Yes, Maren Jewelry is a B Corp and RJC Certified.

This means that we have received sustainability certificates to show that we take seriously the social responsibility that every start-up entails.

For focusing on the needs of those who are directly or indirectly affected by our activities. These can be employees, suppliers, customers. All those who are interested in Maren Jewelery being around in the long term.

We also make sure to work with suppliers who also have sustainability certificates. For example, three of our partners are RJC certified.

In addition, we are currently working on CO2 neutral certification.

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What respected certificates for sustainability are there in the jewelry sector?

RJC Certification (Jewelry Certification)

As a non-profit organization pursues this Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC) with its certification aims to win jewelry companies over to responsible processes and supply chains from the mining of the precious metals and diamonds used to the distribution of the jewelry. They place a particular focus on protecting human rights and ecological sustainability.

Fair Trade Gold Seal (jewelry certification)

The Fairtrade Gold Seal is committed to small-scale gold mining, its workers, families and communities. By introducing strict and responsible regulations regarding occupational health and safety as well as pricing policy and charging fair trade premiums on the products, it supports miners in achieving improvements in their social and economic situation on their own initiative. Child labor is strictly prohibited and compliance with strict mining criteria not only protects the workers in the long term, but also our environment.

Fairmined seal (jewelry certification)

The Fairmined seal certifies responsibly mined gold by small-scale mining organizations in order to achieve a sustainable change in social and ecological conditions in small-scale artisanal mining and to promote sustainable development and environmental protection.

B Corporation

The international certificate ‚Benefit Corporation‘ or B Corp for short, certifies companies that are aware of their social, economic and ecological responsibilities and use them transparently to change the global economy sustainably and positively. For the non-profit organization B Lab, which issues certificates, this is the case when profit maximization is not the top priority at every price, but rather the needs of all interest groups are taken into account and placed at the center of entrepreneurial activity. Certified companies undertake to behave in accordance with the B Corp guidelines and are regularly reassessed.n.

Maren Jewelry is also a B Corp.

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Co2 neutral

Companies that are CO2 Neutral certified assume responsibility for the CO2 emissions generated during the production and delivery of their products or services and offset them fully. In addition, they strive to reduce future greenhouse gas emissions.

Cradle to cradle

The Cradle to Cradle Certified® Product Standard is a globally recognized benchmark for evaluating sustainable, safe, socially responsible and circular production of products. The aim of the certificate is to ensure that all certified products have a positive impact on people and the environment and promotes companies in the use of sustainable, innovative and advanced materials and methods.

What is the german design award?

The German Design Award honors outstanding design, i.e. design full of ideas. Ideas that address the challenges of our time with beauty, with solutions. A top-class, international jury selects the designers who are breaking new ground with projects, ideas and designs, who are interesting and creative and have been doing so for ten years now.n.


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