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Recycled Gold

Recycled Gold

We only use recycled gold for our jewelry

At Maren Jewelery, sustainability is one of our most important principles. With our recycled gold, we are taking a big step towards a circular economy. It reduces the need for new gold mines and minimizes the negative impact of traditional gold mining on nature and communities.

But that's not all:we feel obliged to give something back. That's why we support the Earthbeat Foundation, a non-profit organization that advocates for legal, safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly handling of gold and wants to end new gold mining.

Every purchase from Maren Jewelery supports projects to preserve nature and protect valuable resources. Your choice of recycled gold is not only a choice for timeless beauty, but also a contribution to the preservation of our earth.




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Because sustainability is one of our most important principles, we are not only happy to take a big step towards the circular economy with our recycled gold, but also to gain the pure joy of wearing it - we can say with certainty where our gold comes from and how it is obtained became. Gold has never been so beautiful.


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