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Gold ring

For centuries, gold rings have been a symbol of elegance and sophistication. At Maren Jewellery, you will find a thoughtful collection of gold rings that showcase the beauty and value of this precious metal in all its facets.

Our gold rings are crafted from finest recycled 18-carat gold by us, handmade with the utmost care and precision.




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No matter whether you are looking for a simple and timeless solitaire ring, an eye-catching engagement ring or a customized wedding ring, we have the perfect gold ring for every occasion and every taste. A gold ring from Maren Jewelery is not only a piece of jewelry, but also a symbol of your unique story. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship guarantees that your gold ring will shine for a lifetime. Explore our collection of gold rings to find the perfect piece of jewelry that reflects your personality and style.

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Unsere Kugelringe aus recyceltem 18 Karat Gold im Closeup

Gold rings made of 18 karat gold - it doesn't get any higher quality than this!

We exclusively manufacture all our gold rings from 18 karat gold. The carat value indicates the proportion by weight that gold occupies in the overall mixture of the material used for the ring. The highest purity of gold is achieved at 24/24 weight proportions, which is 24 karat. However, this high gold content is not suitable for making jewelry as the gold ring would become too soft and easily bend. Therefore, our gold rings are made from 18 karat gold (also known as 750 gold with 75% gold content), which is the highest gold content suitable for making jewelry. It doesn't get any more high-quality than this!

Why does Maren use recycled gold?

We consistently use high-quality recycled gold for our gold rings. Why? We want to create beautiful pieces of jewelry that are also beautiful for our planet! The choice of materials can make a significant difference without compromising quality. Gold has been mined for 4000 years, during which an estimated 190,000 tons of gold have been mined and processed with disastrous ecological and social consequences. We do not want to support any new harm to humans or nature, so we have decided to build on existing wealth and use recycled gold for our gold rings. Because: Gold does not lose any of its purity or quality when melted down, making it ideal for reuse.

Gold ring consultation or custom design

Is the right gold ring not there yet? Do you need advice or do you have your own idea for your perfect gold ring? Our trained jewelry designer Helge Maren is available at or +49 172 5838644 at any time to assist you and personally advise you on all questions regarding possible gold ring variations or individual custom-made pieces. You can also schedule a video appointment with her to discuss your ideas and see different models and options.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gold Rings

By using recycled gold in the production of our gold rings, the extraction and consumption of new, finite resources is avoided, as there is already enough gold in many production waste or old discarded goods to be processed for recycling. Since gold can be melted down and reused without loss, recycling gold is an environmentally friendly and also human-friendly alternative. Gold mining is not only dangerous and harmful to the health of all miners, but unfortunately is also often carried out by children and heavily pollutes our waters, soils, and air through the use of cyanide and mercury. WWF, as well as the organization Rettet den Regenwald, considers recycling gold to be the most sustainable form of gold mining and processing. It consumes 550 times less CO2 and 8.9 times less water than newly mined gold. In addition, recycling gold can prevent tons of toxic mine waste from seeping into our water, people being displaced due to mining, or forests being cleared, which are important for our biodiversity. Since 48.6% of the gold demand is attributed to the demands of the jewelry industry, a significant difference can be made by choosing recycled gold: Just imagine if all jewelry manufacturers used recycled gold.

At Maren Jewellery, we exclusively use recycled gold for our gold rings, so no new gold needs to be mined for any piece of jewelry. We receive the recycled gold from our RJC certified refinery C.Hafner, which extracts gold from old jewelry, electronics, or dental gold and merges it into a new, recycled gold alloy that we then use for our gold rings. The materials for this are 90% from Germany and 10% from neighboring EU countries. Our foundry Kauselmann also works exclusively with recycled gold, thus preventing new gold mining.

Yes, all our gold rings and their packaging are vegan. We completely avoid animal products such as leather or pearls, horn or mother-of-pearl, and due to our high-quality production, we do not use glue. We also do not use any animal ingredients in the packaging - even the glue of our packaging is vegan. We pursue a holistic sustainability approach - even in the design of our gold rings.

What are the benefits of gold rings made from recycled gold?

Are no new gold mined for the gold rings from Maren Jewellery?

Are the gold rings from Maren Jewellery also vegan?


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