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German Design Award 2022:

German Design Award 2022:


Our jewelry has been awarded

We are incredibly proud: ours Wilderness jewelry collection wins the German Design Awards 2022. Our enthusiasm for the idea of ​​capturing the wild spirit of nature in our jewelry and letting them speak about it is shared. We're really glad. When we first thought about translating this special feeling of nature into pieces of jewellery, we were faced with a big question: Don't we overdo it? Security All the contradictions and the harmony The depth of the sensation. Where else is all this possible at the same time?lich?

How do you translate feelings into jewelry?

Our answer: Not everything has to be felt at the same time. It is only important that we feel nature when we design our jewelry, that we feel connected to it when we forge our jewelry. Because it is clear that we can never be sure what part of what we want to communicate will actually be understandable. The important thing is that we try. That we feel what our heart tells us and pass this feeling on in our jewellery. The German Design Award is therefore much more for us than a design prize, it shows us that our love is shared, that we are on the right track.

The guiding principle:minimalism

As a medium for feelings, jewelry appears to be both ideal and not at all suitable. Sometimes a piece of jewelery can get to the heart of what a thousand words cannot say. like it aengagement ringcreates. But what about an original, yes, archaic experience of nature Difficult. But then we remembered our values: Den minimalism. And we designed delicate pieces of jewellery. Full of love, full of wildness, full of wonder. Always reduced, never too loud. Not too much at once.

An award for the Wilderness collection

With all the doubts that surround every creative process, we are incredibly proud and overjoyed that we are understood. That our jewelery label was awarded the German Design Award 2022. Forsustainable jewelry design. For wildness and tenderness. For our Wilderness Collection.

What is the German Design Award?

The German Design Award recognizes outstanding design, i.e. one full of ideas. Ideas that address the challenges of our time with beauty, with solutions. A top-class, international jury selects the designers who are breaking new ground with projects, ideas and designs, who are interesting, who are creative and have been doing so for ten years now.n.

What award has Maren Jewelery won?

Maren Jewelery was born with the Special mention of the Excellent Product Designexcellent. The German Design Council presents the German Design Award. This is a body that was set up as a foundation on the advice of the German Bundestag with the aim of representing the German design scene..

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