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Maren Love Story – Storytime mit Kate und Cassian

Maren love story – storytime with kate and cassian

Love Story Wedding

Today we proudly present the third part of our interview series "a maren love story". In this ongoing series, we would like to regularly introduce you to people who are willing to share their unique jewelry story with us and you. The series has already found a special place in our hearts and, as always, we are excited to see where our pieces of jewelry - this time even three of them - have found their place and who they will accompany in everyday life from now on.

We often don't find out who the faces and people are to whom we send our pieces of jewelery or which very personal story will be linked to them from the moment of receipt. That's why we're all the more excited to get a glimpse into Kate and Cassian's individual love story.

Interview with Kate and Cassian

Dear Kate, dear Cassian, you have chosen various pieces of jewelery from Maren Jewelery so that they stand as a token of your love throughout your life. This makes us very happy and fills us with pride. We would therefore like to learn more about you and your very individual love story. Let's get started straight away:

Please introduce yourself first! Who are you, what makes you different and how did you get to know each other  

Kate and Cassian:
Gladly: If a British woman and a German meet by chance in Paris, then the love story is almost already mapped out.

We are Kate and Cassian and, as luck would have it, we met almost four years ago in the city of love. We have been living happily together in Barcelona since the summer of 2020, where we have really learned to appreciate the great weather, the many hours of sunshine and the delicious tapas..

We love to cook together, go salsa dancing and love to swim in the sea on weekends. In addition, we love to travel and we really enjoy discovering distant countries, foreign cultures and local food.

That sounds like a beautiful beginning of a love story. Now we really want to know which pieces of jewelery from Maren Jewelery have become part of your very personal story?

We anticipate that these were custom-made products. What was the inspiration that went into the final design?

Kate and Cassian:
On the day of our engagement, Cassian greeted Kate with a great ReMind Solitaire Engagement Ring surprised when Kate saw this, she almost couldn't say no anymore.  

Luckily, Cassian knew that Kate wanted her ring to be modern and durable. It was therefore clear that platinum had to be used as the material. And so it was that Kate wore the first platinum ring ever made by Maren Jewellery. Cassian also wanted the ring to have a small engraving. That's why our initials K + C are written on the inside of the ring. . 

Since Helge, the founder of Maren Jewelery, is a good friend of ours, I wanted to entrust the production of the engagement ring to her label Maren Jewellery. The fact that the diamonds are synthetic and thus produced sustainably and without suffering further strengthened my decision.

Accordingly, it was also clear that we would choose Maren Jewelery again for our wedding rings. Helge led us from draft to draft with the patience of an angel and we did a few rounds until the final design was complete. This was not least due to the fact that we had some special ideas and requirements for the rings, such as particularly small stones for Kate in a special setting and a particularly thin but still comfortable ring for Cassian. In addition, our wedding rings should also be engraved. This time with our wedding date and initials. Especially the detailed 3D representations and the great advice from Helge helped us a lot in designing the perfect wedding rings for us.

Today, a few months after our wedding, we are still happy with our rings every day and have already received many great compliments on our rings from our family and friends.

3D design of Kate's wedding ring

We would love to know more about your engagement and wedding in Barcelona: What is the importance of Barcelona in your history together How did the special day of your engagement go?b?

And for Cassian: What exact place and time did you choose in Barcelona? Were you excited? Did you plan the proposal in detail in advance?nt?

Barcelona is our home and we have spent most of our relationship together in this wonderful city. That's why it was clear to me that our engagement also had to take place in Barcelona.

The day of our engagement, a Sunday, was also the month of our relationship. That's why we had planned to cook together in the evening and toast the sunset with a glass of cava on our roof terrace. Of course, Kate had no idea that I had something else planned that day. In the morning I ordered a bouquet of flowers, which were delivered to our home in time for brunch. In hindsight, Kate would say that she was very surprised by this, after all it wasn't a big day of celebration, just a Sunday. g.  

We love going up to our rooftop terrace as often as possible for sunset as we have amazing views of the city and see the sun bathing Barcelona in the beautiful evening light. That's why we had this in mind that day. When big clouds rolled up in the afternoon, it wasn't clear if we would even see a sunset, which is why I got a little nervous. Finally, I knew the sunset moment would be perfect for a marriage proposal.

I had planned the proposal well in advance, although it got really exciting towards the end because the ring took a while to make. Thank God, with Helge's support and express delivery to Spain, I was able to hold the ring in my hands just in time the day before the planned engagement.

Sunset was approaching and a few minutes earlier the sky on the horizon suddenly cleared, the sun became visible and we were still able to go to the roof terrace to toast each other. So while we were watching the sunset, I took the opportunity to ask Kate the specific question, to which Kate of course answered yes. . 

For Kate: Did you already have an inkling or was it a complete surprise to you How do you like the engagement ringg?

No, I had no idea. While we had discussed getting married and had a rough timeline in mind, the actual moment of engagement still came as a surprise to me.

The engagement ring is wonderful, I love it! It is modern and simple and the diamond sparkles beautifully. I'm happy every day when I see it and when the diamond shines in the light.

Today, a few months after our wedding, we are still happy with our rings every day.

Would you like to share some impressions of this special day with us? Looking back, are you satisfied And how do the rings feel on your hands after the first few weeks?an?

Kate & Cassian:
The day was absolutely wonderful and we are so happy with every single aspect of our wedding! We put a lot of energy into planning this big day, but it paid off on the day itself. Everything went even better than expected and we were able to spend an incredible number of beautiful moments with our family and friends.

The rings feel great every day even after a few months and we are glad we chose our respective designs.

We appreciate your honesty and are very grateful for this intimate insight into your romantic story. All the best for your future together and congratulations once again on your wedding!

Do you also have a unique "maren love story" that you would like to share with us and the readers of our journal? We would love to hear from you. You can reach us via email or social media, we'd love to hear your story.e.

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