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Maren Love Story – Keiko entdeckt Schmuck für sich

Maren Love Story – Keiko discovers jewelry for herself

Love Story

Welcome to the second part of our interview series a maren Lovestory, in which we would like to introduce you to people at regular intervals who are willing to share their very personal jewelry story with us and with you. As always, we are very excited to find out where our jewelery ended up, in this case four of our jewelery pieces, and who they will accompany through everyday life from now on. en. 

Even after some time since Maren Jewelery has existed, this thought is still totally overwhelming and fills us with pride every time. Most of the time, we don't find out who will wear our jewelery after it's shipped, or what very individual story will be associated with it from that point on. We are all the more looking forward to the little insight into Keiko's personal (jewellery) history and hope that it will make you happy too. Be it as a pastime, inspiration or as a reminder of the little stories hidden everywhere in our everyday lives.

Interview with Keiko

Dear Keiko, you have chosen four of our pieces of jewelery and discovered your love for jewellery. We are very happy about that and would love to learn more about you and your story. Let's get straight to it:

First of all, introduce yourself: Who are you and what makes you special? 

My name is Keiko, I am 38 years old, a lawyer and a mother.

As my name suggests, I have a Japanese background, but I was born and raised in Berlin and was influenced by both Japanese politeness and the Berlin snout. Despite my long time in Frankfurt, I never lost it.

That sounds like a very interesting personality mix. Thank you for this very nice description. Now, of course, we want to know which pieces of jewelery from Maren Jewelery have been part of your personal collection and history for some time?

I put myself right in the Wilderness Eternity Ring in love. In addition, I also still for the Essential ring and the Drops of Memories Ring decided.

How is it that you never wore any jewelry before And why did you then go on a search How does it feel for you to wear your jewelryn? 

I've worn jewelry from time to time, but somehow it always felt like a foreign body. In the end, I always found my outfits better without jewelry and just felt better that way. But the longing to wear a piece of jewelry was always there. And when I got to know the concept of Maren Jewelery, I got the urge to try it again. And suddenly everything fell into place. Now I feel like a unit with my rings and basically never take them off. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way that this is not a good idea when swimming. Unfortunately, I lost an essential ring as a result.

That's how I discovered my love for Rings through Maren.

Why did you choose Maren Jewelery and these four rings in particular? Did sustainability also play a special role in your choicee?

I know Helge, the founder of Maren Jewellery, personally, so of course I was immediately interested in your new brand. I would also generally describe myself as a very conscious consumer. I give a lot of thought to how sustainability and consumption can be reconciled and how future generations can continue to have a comfortable and worth living life. In this context, it was only logical for me to start a new attempt with jewelery from Maren Jewellery. I think for a jewelry beginner like me, starting with rings is perfect. They hardly bother you and you don't lose them that quickly. And I keep looking at my hands. Helge sent me a few rings to try out and I fell in love immediately. She also got me to wear rings not on the ring finger but on the index finger and thumb. I personally feel much more comfortable with it and so I discovered my love for wrestling through Maren. And at the same time I am setting an example for more sustainable consumption.m.

Thank you very much for your openness and this beautiful personal insight into your jewelry history, dear Keiko. All love to you.

Would you like to share your very own maren love story with us in the form of an interview in one of our journals? Feel free to get in touch with us. Whether by e-mail or via one of our social media channels, we look forward to hearing from you and your jewelry story.e. 

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Nachhaltiger Eternity Ring von Maren Jewellery

Written By Franka

Franka is a freelancer in the fields of marketing and communication and lives with her small family in Munich. She tries to consciously organize her everyday life in order to gradually integrate more sustainability into her life.

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