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Nachhaltige Ohrringe

Sustainable earrings

Timeless, minimalist earrings made from sustainable 18 carat recycled gold and sterling silver.

From delicate ear studs to dangling earrings and hoops - each earring is a unique piece, uniquely designed, handcrafted in Germany, and a statement for sustainability.




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We have earrings in many different shapes for you: ear studs, hoops, hanging earrings, diamond earrings - what unites them all is their holistic sustainability. Because we only use sustainable materials and ethical production methods, so you can wear your sustainable earrings with a clear conscience. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Perhaps it is not yet common for you to buy earrings online. We believe that it has advantages for you. This way, you can try on the ordered earrings calmly with different outfits and in combination with other pieces of jewelry, convince yourself of the quality, and make a decision without pressure. If you are not convinced, you can return the earrings within 14 days.

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Sustainable earrings for every occasion

No matter if you are looking for classic or extravagant earrings for everyday wear, if you want a statement piece for a special event, or if you prefer subtle, delicate accents - we have designed various sustainable styles for you so that there should be something right for every occasion. You can choose between large, dangling pieces with many synthetic diamonds or opt for simple, 18 karat gold ear studs.

It is important: no matter which style suits you and your occasion, a lot of love for detail and attention to the production chain has gone into it. It is important to us to be able to say without hesitation that you will receive sustainable earrings from us that have been carefully and ethically produced without any doubt.

High-quality ear jewelry for eternity

All our earrings are made of recycled 18 karat gold or sterling silver - without exception. So you can be sure that you are getting a piece of jewelry of the highest quality, which you will have forever. Not only does real gold or silver protect you from annoying allergies and discoloration, it also retains its value forever and can even be melted down and processed into a new piece of jewelry if needed.

Even if you opt for sustainable earrings with diamonds, these are exclusively manufactured at Maren Jewellery according to the highest laboratory standards, ensuring that the origin is 100% secure and environmental impacts have been minimized to the fullest extent.

Proper care of sustainable earrings

If you will soon own a pair of sustainable earrings from Maren Jewellery, we would like to give you some care tips right away - because if you love your jewelry, you should show it some care so it can keep its shine forever. Since all our earrings are made from high-quality recycled materials, this is not difficult and can be achieved with a few simple steps. Polish it, give it a soapy bath, and a proper jewelry box. Then you can enjoy your sustainable earrings for a long time and they will stay with you forever. A good side effect is sustainability: because when we take care of what we already own, we need to consume much less new things and thus do our planet a favor!


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