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Schlichte Trauringe - Keep it simple!

Minimalistic wedding rings - Keep it simple!


Simple wedding rings may seem a bit inconspicuous at first glance, but we can think of numerous reasons why a decision for them could be worthwhile in the long term. It can be quite difficult to choose the perfect wedding ring to symbolize your love after getting engaged. What you like today might no longer suit your taste in a few years. There is no guarantee of long-term pleasure, but simpler wedding rings offer some advantages that increase the chances that your tokens of love, which have become jewelry, will still give you as much joy many years later as on the day of your marriage.

Timeless minimalism

Minimalism in the original sense means a counter-concept to materialism. Wanting more and more in all areas of life consumes valuable resources, produces huge amounts of CO2 and leaves us unhappy in the long run. Although consumer mania can lead to short-term, intoxicating moments of happiness, studies have shown that people who constantly strive to have more and better things feel less joie de vivre and tend to have self-doubt, anxiety and even depression. A minimalist lifestyle also usually includes doing without the inessential and very conscious consumption. The personal interpretation is ultimately individual and the boundaries are fluid. Nevertheless, we believe that every step towards a more responsible and sustainable life is a step in the right direction and benefits both our environment and our society.

That's why we want to besustainable jewelry label when designing our simple wedding rings and all other pieces of jewellery, we limit ourselves to what is really important: clear lines and clear principles. Hardly anywhere else than in love can we be more authentic and show ourselves in our pure essence. And we want to reflect that in our designs. Simple, finely crafted craftsmanship meets graceful design.n.

The result is our minimalist wedding rings:The Essential Ring and theBold Essential Ring. Express your unique love with a timeless ring set and counteract the unstoppable flow of time. Because time flies, but just like your love, the jewelry should stay.

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Good conscience forever

Hardly anything is further from our minds than contributing to social or ecological injustice with our entrepreneurial actions. We make all our decisions regarding materials, design, manufacturing processes and shipping processes responsibly and with the greatest care right from the start. You can be sure that our simple wedding rings are made from 100% recycled material urban mining won gold exist. Melting down existing gold is the most sustainable form of gold extraction and processing and neither our environment nor anyone is harmed. In addition to all sustainability aspects, we also agree: You should only be able to wear the symbol of your eternal connection with a clear conscience..

If you are interested in more detail about what we do differently as a sustainable jewelry label, or you would like to take a look at our sustainability report, you will find everything you need to know and readhere.

Our be-all and end-all:combinability

The most important thing first: Everyone can and should combine the pieces of jewelery in the way they want. Of course, this also applies to all forms of wedding rings. Although it is important to us when designing our pieces of jewelry that they can nestle together easily when worn. We especially like the trend ofring stacking, which means combining multiple rings. Among other things, wearing engagement and wedding rings together is becoming increasingly popularengagement ring frequently aslocking ring worn in front of a plain wedding ring. A variety of oursrings is therefore designed in such a way that they can be ideally lined up next to each other without leaving any gaps.

In addition, our timeless and simple wedding rings allow perfect combinations with more extravagant and eye-catching other pieces of jewelry and clothing, as they love to steal the show from time to time and move into the background. As a sign of your love and with the intention of symbolizing this as a constant companion until the end of your life and beyond, they are undisputedly important, whether in the foreground or background.g.

Make it yours – the engraving

In order to make your simple wedding ring set perfect, you need a very personal message in the form of an engraving. With our professional engraving service, you can turn your wedding rings into very individual, unique pieces that capture this important moment in your life and immortalize it in your jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine my ring size for an order at Maren Jewellery?

If you are looking for your perfectly fitting ring size, it is best to use our size guide for help. The easiest way is to choose one of your rings that you feel will fit properly. On each of our product pages you will find our size guide for download. Download the file and print it out. Now you can easily compare your ring with our circle patterns and thus determine the right size for your order.

If you don't have a suitable ring at hand, simply cut out the measuring tape on our size guide, put it around your ring finger and read off the ideal size for your simple wedding ring. To our size guide

Can I combine a plain wedding ring with another wedding ring?

Of course, every simple wedding ring can also form a beautiful wedding ring set with a more eye-catching counterpart. The most important thing is that the wearer likes the ring. We have one too small selection of other ring designs, which are ideal as a wedding ring.

Why are simple wedding rings sustainable?

The sustainability of jewelry is also about the jewelry being as durable as possible, pleasing for a long time and not going out of fashion so quickly. Minimalist jewelry is sustainable because it is timeless, doesn't follow any trends, can be combined with anything and can therefore be worn for a particularly long time.

In addition, minimalist jewelry saves resources. Because everything that is superfluous is dispensed with. When we create our simple designs at Maren Jewellery, we therefore focus on what exactly we want to say with each piece of jewelry and only use as much recycled gold, as much silver and as many synthetic eco diamonds as necessary. This not only leads to a clear, unexcited design language, it also ensures that we minimize our consumption of resources. This is why minimalist jewelry is sustainable because it focuses on the essentials and leaves out everything else.

What Are the Benefits of Recycled Gold?

Recycling gold avoids the mining and consumption of new, finite resources, because there is already enough gold in many production waste or old throwaway goods to prepare it for reuse. Since gold can be melted down and reused again and again without loss, recycling gold is an environmentally friendly and also humane alternative. Because gold mining is not only dangerous and harmful to the health of all mine workers, but unfortunately it is also often practiced by children and heavily pollutes our water, soil and air through the use of cyanide and mercury. The WWF, as well as the club Save the rainforest considers recycling gold to be the most sustainable form of gold extraction and processing. It uses 550 times less CO2 and 8.9 times less water than with newly mined gold. In addition, recycling gold can prevent tons of toxic mine waste from ending up in our water, mine populations from being displaced, or forests that are important for our biodiversity from being cut down. Since 48.6% of the gold demand can be traced back to demands from the jewelery industry, a considerable difference can be made by choosing recycled gold: just imagine all jewelery manufacturers* using recycled gold.

Written By Franka

Franka is a freelancer in the fields of marketing and communication and lives with her small family in Munich. She tries to consciously organize her everyday life in order to gradually integrate more sustainability into her life.

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