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Wasserfest und stilvoll: Tipps für Deinen Sommerschmuck!

Waterproof and stylish:Tips for your summer jewelry!

Inspiration Styleguide

Summer is finally here and shows itself from its most beautiful side: sunshine, long days, the smell of sunscreen, refreshing ice cream, warm breezes and endless days at the lake, in the outdoor pool or on the beach. This also means that we can once again throw ourselves into our beloved summer outfits and accessories and wear them out. And what shouldn't be missing? Right, the right summer jewelry..

What could be nicer than shining with sustainable and timeless jewelery that perfectly complements your summer outfits If you are looking for high-quality and sustainable summer jewelery that enhances your beach look, then you have come to the right place. In this journal we would like to show you how you can stylishly present your summer jewelery and clarify whether it is also waterproof. We also give you helpful tips on care and storage..

Summer Beach Jewelry:The perfect choice for sunny days

When choosing your summer and beach jewelry, there are of course no limits and you decide what you like and what feels good for you even in hot temperatures. Nevertheless, we do not want to withhold the following two points from you and give them to take with you for your perfect summer:

Summer jewels: light and natural

Summer is the ideal season to bring a breath of fresh air to your jewelry selection and thus create new summery looks. The focus is on light, playful and natural designs that don't become too heavy and uncomfortable when you sweat or are in the water. Plain flowing chains with and without trailer, filigree bracelets as well as Earrings with small highlights are particularly popular.

With these summery jewels you give your beach look a fresh and lively touch:

Waterproof materials for summer:gold, silver and synthetic diamonds

When it comes to summer materials recycled gold, and Silver as well as synthetic diamonds the perfect choice. Gold adds a touch of luxury and elegance to your outfit, while silver contributes to a cool and modern look. Synthetic diamonds are not only sustainable, but also generally waterproof. They withstand heat-related moisture on the skin without any problems and shine just as beautifully as the natural variants. Gold and silver are also robust and can easily withstand most major and minor challenges of a summer day.

Stylish looks:How to combine your summer jewelry

Experiment with different combinations and find your own individual style that suits you, your personality and your beach atmosphere. Don't forget that summer jewelry is there to complement your look and enhance your glow on the beach or on a sunny day. So the most important thing is that you feel comfortable. Here are some inspirations for your summer combinations:

Layering look: combine several delicate necklaces and bracelets

When it comes to stylishly combining your summer jewelry, there are numerous ways to give your beach look that certain something. This is a popular technique chain layering, in which you combine several delicate chains. Play with different lengths and textures to create a customized and interesting look. The layered effect gives your outfit an airy coolness and gives your jewelry an extra dimension.

Statement Earrings: Set accents with more eye-catching designs

Statement earrings are a great way to add a statement. Choose eye-catching designs with sparkling synthetic diamonds or quirky shapes to add a personal touch to your beach look. Whether you wear your hair down or tie it up in a casual bun, our earrings make your face shine and are guaranteed to attract attention.

Bracelets and anklets: Perfect for a relaxed beach look

Bracelets and anklets are perfect to complete a relaxed beach look. Decide for simple bracelets made of gold or silver, to create subtle glamour, or choose slightly more eye-catching designs like ours sunray bracelet for a touch of flashiness. Of course, our bracelets are also ideal as anklets. Not only do they look beautiful on the foot, they also create a light and playful effect. A perfect detail that rounds off your outfit on the beach or in the beach bar.

Rings: Delicate ring stacking or a striking cocktail ring as an eye-catcher

Rings are another eye-catcher for your summer jewelry. Choose delicate locking ringsto create an elegant and subtle look. You can combine multiple rings on different fingers and add or replace them as you wish. For a more eye-catching look, you can opt for a slightly more eye-catching ring like ours Wavering decide. With its special design, it is guaranteed to attract a little attention and give your summer outfit that certain something.

Jewelry in the sea or pool? When is jewelry waterproof?

You don't want to take off your favorite items when you're swimming in the sea or pool and you're wondering whether they are waterproof and can withstand the salt or chlorine without being damaged

In principle, it is not necessary to take off your jewelry when swimming or sunbathing at the beach or pool. However, there are a few risks that we would like to mention. For example, silver can discolour due to oxidation. However, this always happens over time and is not particularly due to sun or water. Even the grains of sand on the most paradisiacal beach have the risk of leaving small scratches on your gold and silver jewellery. So best be a little careful. Especially when it comes to digging or building sand castles. In addition, you should always be extra careful in the water so that your beloved jewelry does not get lost.

It can therefore be said in general that robust materials such as gold or silver as well as synthetic diamonds are waterproof. So if you wear them while showering, washing your hands or walking on the beach, you don't have to worry because they withstand brief contact with water, sun or moisture on the skin without discoloring permanently. Our real jewelery is also not attacked by chlorine or salt water, which is why you don't have to worry about that either.

However, real jewelry can also become dull over time, silver jewelry can tarnish and scratches can occur. You should therefore always ensure that your jewelry is properly cared for and cleaned.

It is helpful if you take care to select high-quality pieces of jewelry with the highest possible gold or silver content, which have cleanly processed clasps and settings. Avoid jumping into the water with jewelry that is too filigree, as brackets or delicate soldering points can give way and stones can come loose or clasps can open. You should also make sure that rings, for example, fit well: in the course of extensive sunbathing, your fingers can swell, so that tightly fitting rings quickly press uncomfortably, while the opposite effect can occur when swimming and you run the risk of losing your ring if your fingers become narrower.

In order to prevent sunscreen, sand or salt residue from being deposited in the jewelry, causing scratches or robbing your jewelry of its shine, you should always ensure extensive care and cleaning after your day at the beach.

Care and storage:So that your summer jewelery shines

By properly caring for and storing your summer jewelery properly, you can ensure that it retains its wonderful shine and will accompany you in the summers to come. Treat it with care and enjoy every moment you wear it.

Cleaning tips for the summer: protection from sand, sunscreen and salt water

In summer it is especially important to clean your jewelry regularly to protect it from sand, sunscreen and salt water. Rinse the jewelry thoroughly with clear water after wearing to remove residue. Use a soft brush or cloth to gently get rid of stubborn dirt. Avoid aggressive cleaning agents, as these can damage the jewelry. Then dry the jewelry carefully to avoid water stains and gently buff with a jewelry cloth to restore its shine. With our Jewelery care set Shine foreverz“ you are perfectly equipped. Alternatively, you can of course also use ours professional ReFresh jewelry cleaning take advantage of.

Storage Tips: Keep jewelry safe and organized

Storage of your jewelry is also crucial to keep it safe and organized. Store in a dry place to prevent moisture and oxidation. use jewelry box or jewelry pouch to avoid scratches and damage. You can also store individual pieces of jewelry in separate pouches to avoid tangling or scratching. Keep your jewelry away from direct sunlight as this can fade the colors and finishes of the jewelry.

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Is Maren Jewelery waterproof?

Yes, our jewelry is waterproof. We use high quality materials such as 18k gold and sterling silver. You can therefore wear your jewelery without hesitation on long walks on the beach or in the shower without damaging it. In principle, there is also no risk when swimming in the sea or in chlorinated pools. Our genuine jewelery easily withstands salt and chlorine water. Still, you should always exercise some caution in the sand and in the water to make sure your summer jewelry doesn't get lost, scratched, or become too dull.

What is the best way to care for my summer jewelry?

To keep your summer jewelry in the best condition, we recommend regular cleaning and care. Rinse the jewelry thoroughly with clear water after wearing to remove salt water, sand or sunscreen residue. Use a soft cloth to gently dry the jewelry. Store it in a jewelry box or jewelry bag to avoid scratches and damage.

Is sustainable summer jewelry a good alternative to conventional jewelry?

Absolutely! Sustainable summer jewelry made from recycled gold, silver and synthetic diamonds is an excellent alternative to conventional jewelry. By using ethically sourced materials and fair, environmentally friendly production processes, you can wear your jewelry with a clear conscience. All details about our sustainability efforts can be found under "sustainability" on our website or summarized in this journal.

Written By Franka

Franka is a freelancer in the fields of marketing and communication and lives with her small family in Munich. She tries to consciously organize her everyday life in order to gradually integrate more sustainability into her life.

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