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Maren Love Story – Erinnerungen von Chrissi und Hubi

Maren Love Story – memories from Chrissi and Hubi

Love Story Wedding

For us, there is still a little excitement every time a piece of jewelery is packed and makes its way to you. Will it be aGift as a sign of a special friendship, a loving surprise in a couple's everyday life or perhaps a gift of comfort for someone who is not having an easy time. Most of the time we won't find out, but the thought that there is a personal story behind every order is wonderful and fulfilling for us..

And while wallowing in just such thoughts while packaging one of our pieces of jewelry, the idea came to us. We should try to track down some of these stories. For us and for you. As nice little anecdotes in everyday life, as inspiration and as a reminder that there is a personal story behind everything.

First, Chrissi and Hubi contacted us to share a very special and intimate moment in their love story with us. Little spoiler: Oursgold ReMind mini solitaire ring plays one of the main roles in this story.

Interview with Chrissi and Hubi

Dear Chrissi, dear Hubi, you have chosen a piece of jewelery from Maren Jewelery to show your love. We are very happy about that and we would like to learn more about you and your very individual love story. That's why we start right away:

Please introduce yourself first! Who are you, what makes you special and how did you find each other?

Chrissi & Hubi:
Gladly. We are Hubi and Christina and have been living together in beautiful Munich for a little over four years. We got to know each other through a mutual friend at her flat share party. In our free time we love to be in the fresh air, like to do sports, travel or meet up with our friends for cozy evenings.

Hubi, which piece of jewelery did you choose and why?

I chose a gold ReMind mini solitaire ring for the special occasion of our engagement. It immediately caught my eye with its minimalistic and simple elegance.

We would love to know more about your special day in Bali: how it went and what emotions it was associated with?

We were on holiday in Bali and started the day by fulfilling a dream we shared. We swam with dolphins. This experience alone makes the day unforgettable. Then we drove to Ubud. This is a beautiful little town in the middle of the jungle. As a surprise, Hubi has booked a suite in a romantic hotel with an unobstructed view of the jungle. We enjoyed the day at the pool, fresh coconuts and the wonderful ambience. In the evening, I thought, we wanted to go out to eat in a nice restaurant. When we arrived in the hotel lobby, we were greeted by a hotel employee. This led us to a lonely terrace decorated with flowers and candles. Songs from our mutual favorite band played in the background. In this once again dreamlike setting we experienced a wonderful candlelight dinner.

Chrissi was pretty speechless and nervous. I think she already knew at that point that something else was about to happen. After the main course, I took Chrissi to the end of the terrace on the pretext of wanting to take a few nice souvenir pictures. The ring in my pocket, ready to hand. I don't think I've ever been this excited in my life. I then grabbed Chrissi's hand and explained to her how lucky I am to have her by my side and that I would like to enjoy that very fact forever. Then, of course, came the all-important question, do you want to marry me, and luckily Chrissi immediately said yes. We were both infinitely touched, overjoyed and hugged each other for a little eternity. Afterwards we sat at the table for a long time, enjoyed dessert and reminisced about our happy times together. We laughed a lot and reminded each other of past stories.innert.

The rest of the holiday was perfect and we enjoyed every second of our time together. Even today I look at the ring several times a day and every time I catch myself starting to glow.

Hubi, what exact place and time in Bali did you choose? were you excited Was it a spontaneous moment when the mood was right, or did you plan the proposal in detail in advance?

To be honest, the request was quite spontaneous. Sure, the ring was my constant companion in my pocket and I knew it would happen in Bali. 2-3 days before, when our actual program was set, I started planning this evening and arranged all the details with the hotel by e-mail. The hardest part though was hiding the ring from Chrissi as she always packs our bags and could have come across it so often.n.

The simple and elegant design is exactly my style

Chrissi, did you already have an idea or was it an absolute surprise for you? How do you like the ring?

It was indeed a big surprise. I thought beforehand that Bali would really be a great place for our engagement, but there were no signs. It wasn't until we were shown onto the terrace by the hotel staff and I saw the many candles and flower petals that I thought it was a bit too much for a normal romantic dinner. When we hugged right after Hubi asked the crucial question and I stood there with my arms around Hubi's neck, my eyes fell on my finger. It was at that moment that I realized for the first time what a beautiful ring Hubi had chosen for me that fits me perfectly. And that made me even happier.r.

I really love my ring! The simple and elegant design is exactly my style and I really couldn't have chosen a better ring.

Why did you choose Maren Jewelery and our ReMind ring in particular? Did sustainability play a special role in the ring selection?

I wanted to find a simple but elegant ring for Chrissi because I knew she loved the style. Finding a sustainable piece of jewelry that can be given away and worn with a clear conscience made my decision easy and the ring from Maren Jewelery the perfect engagement ring.

Thank you for your openness and this beautiful personal insight into your love story. We wish you all the best for your future together and once again congratulate you on your engagement.

If you would also like to share your special maren love story with us and the readers of our journal, then we would be happy if you contact us. Whether it's via email or a message on social media, we're excited to hear your story.te.

Written By Franka

Franka is a freelancer in the fields of marketing and communication and lives with her small family in Munich. She tries to consciously organize her everyday life in order to gradually integrate more sustainability into her life.

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