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Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day is approaching and with it an opportunity to say thank you to your mom or someone who is so important to you and to give an individual gift.




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The boundless love of our mothers accompanies us for a lifetime - isn't it a wonderful idea to give her a handmade piece of jewelery for Mother's Day, which this time accompanies her every day as a symbol of our love and gratitude? Below we have put together a selection of Mother's Day gift ideas for you that show that you always have your mom in your heart.

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Jewelry as a love gift for Mother's Day

Gifts as a token of love go back a long way in human history. Hardly anything is more personal and honest than a well thought-out, personalized gift as a token of your very special appreciation. Jewelry for Mother's Day in particular is a very special and memorable gift gesture. Get inspiration for your Mother's Day gift and take a look at our sustainable love gifts for mothers.

Personalized jewelry for Mother's Day

Have you discovered the symbol of your love that has become jewelry and would like to add the finishing touches to your Mother's Day gift? For example with a personalized necklace for mothers? Be sure to take a look at our jewelry services to personalize (our) jewelry according to your wishes. Use our engraving service, translate your feelings into a personal message and have them immortalized forever on your Mother's Day gift. Of course, this also applies to jewelery that you already own.

Mother's Day Gift Idea:Be my Heart pendant

Simple, timeless, expressive. Hardly any of our pieces of jewelery symbolize connection, affection and trust more than our beautiful Be my Heart pendant. Our customizable necklace pendant makes your mother aware of how great your connection is at every moment. Your mother-daughter chain - or of course mother-son chain - gets an additional personal touch with its individual letter embossing. And maybe it will even act as a new lucky charm for your mom.

Frequently asked questions about Mother's Day

QUESTION:Why do we celebrate Mother's Day? What is the tradition behind it? QUESTION:What is a good Mother's Day gift? QUESTION:Why is jewelery suitable as a Mother's Day gift?


The bond between mother and child is probably one of the truest and purest forms of love. That fact alone would be worth celebrating as a beautiful sign of eternal connection. Mother's Day, as we know it today, can be traced back to the sad circumstance of a devotion. Ann Marie Javis held a Memorial Mothers Day Meeting in honor of her mother on the second anniversary of her death on May 12, 1907 to commemorate the love between mother and daughter. Today it is assumed that this service was the first Mother's Day in history.


Basically, any gift that you give your mother to show your personal love is a good gift. Be it flowers, chocolate or time together. The longevity and timelessness of jewelry as a Mother's Day gift naturally makes it particularly expressive. Because even the love between mother and child is imperishable at best

ANSWER:The love between mother and child is usually connoted with the following qualities:purity, immortality and truthfulness. Attributes that could not be better represented by silver and gold jewelry . Of course we know that in reality this is unfortunately not the case in all families, but the statement can be transferred to other relationships at will. In addition, jewelry as a Mother's Day gift idea is timeless, stable in value and personal. If you decide to give jewelry for Mother's Day, the recipient and also future generations can enjoy the piece of jewelry.


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