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Maren Love Story – Ein Redesign für Petra

Maren love story – a redesign for petra

Love Story

Welcome to a new chapter in our collection of stories, a Maren lovestory, where we would like to share with you the journeys of our jewelry from our studio to the world. t.

Which life stories, personal moments or memories can accompany our pieces of jewelry from now on? Each of these insights fills us with pride and joy. It is always an indescribable joy to get these little insights into the stories behind our jewelry. That's why today we're once again looking forward to a fascinating jewelry story that focuses on Petra and her unique jewelry redesign. Immerse yourself in this story and be inspired by the hidden, little stories in our everyday lives..

Interview with petra

Dear Petra, you contacted our founder Helge with a request to have one of your pieces of jewelry reworked.

Before we go into more detail, please tell us who you are and what your life is like!

Very gladly! My name is Petra, I am 48 years old and come from Ludwigshafen. Some people say I'm easy to get along with. It's difficult to say about myself what makes me who I am.

What a gem of an idea you had and what you allowed us to rework?

The piece of jewelry was a ring and a pair of earrings, a gift from my mother-in-law, which unfortunately didn't suit my style at all. It was just too bad for me to just leave them in the drawer.

Left: Old jewelry from Petra / Right: 3D visualization of the makeover for Petra

We're excited to hear more about your idea and how it developed. Is there a special meaning behind the chosen symbol?

Originally I was unsure which piece of jewelry I should create using the ring and earrings. Finally I came up with inspiration for a round pendant with my constellation. Helge then designed several nice variants, but in the end I stuck with my first thought.

The beautiful representation of my constellation will always have a personal meaning for me.

The beautiful representation of my constellation will always have a personal meaning for me.

Why did you choose Maren Jewelery for your makeover? Did sustainability play a special role?e?

I chose Maren Jewelery because of Helge's outstanding talent and her supportive nature without putting pressure on her. She made the decision easier for me.

Sustainability played a crucial role, to be precise, the most important role! When I was looking for sustainable jewelry, I came across Maren Jewelry and the wonderful Helge.

Thank you very much for your openness and this beautiful personal insight into your jewelry history, dear Petra. All the best for you.

Maybe you would also like to share your very personal "maren love story" with us in the form of an interview for one of our journals. You can easily contact us, be it by email or via one of our social media channels. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your jewelry story..

H Symbol für Autor Helge Maren Hauptmann

Written By Helge Maren

Helge Maren, the designer behind Maren Jewellery, combines her deep passion for jewelery with impressive expertise. Her texts reflect her dedication to the timeless, luxurious jewelry aesthetic and a forward-looking sustainable lifestyle that characterize Maren Jewelry.

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