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Sustainable wedding rings

Sustainable wedding rings made from recycled 18k yellow or white gold, as a symbol of your eternal connection. Rings with that special something and at the same time timeless for eternity:Each of our wedding rings is consciously and lovingly handcrafted locally for you.




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Whether simple, wide, with or without a diamond - find your individual set of sustainable wedding rings and wear your connection and love on your finger with a clear conscience.

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Teamed up! Wedding rings as individual as you

You have different ring preferences?

One may like a wide or prominent wedding ring while the other one prefers a slim and simple wedding ring. You can not agree whether it should be a wedding ring in yellow gold or rather white gold, with or without diamond? No problem!

We think everyone should wear the ring that suits them best - even in marriage. So as long as you agree that it should be a sustainable wedding ring with special attention to design details and quality, we will make any ring combination possible for you.

Braut in weißem langen Kleid und Schmuck von Maren Jewellery

Sustainable wedding rings, sustainable wedding

You want to make a difference with sustainable wedding rings and celebrate your love in harmony with nature? Then perhaps you would also like to plan a mindful wedding celebration, but one that doesn't sacrifice the glamor of traditional weddings?

Good News: Sustainability and luxury can be combined!

You've already found our sustainable wedding rings - we'll show you how to have a sustainable wedding celebration, too, without sacrificing special details and luxury.

Schmaler, filigraner Ehering ‚The Essential‘ von Maren Jewellery

Wedding rings as pure and honest as your love

Our wedding rings are made of 18 carat gold - the most valuable gold alloy used in jewelry manufacturing. We thus produce luxury items of the highest quality, which in the industry so far, unfortunately, mostly - this is known - based on exploitation, environmental pollution and unfair working conditions.

We think it has to be done differently!

We want to produce sustainable wedding rings that are as pure, honest and long-lasting as your bond of love. That's why we focus on a holistic sustainable design and production process, using only sustainable materials, balancing our environmental footprint, and striving for a long-term circular economy. Our concern: You should be able to wear your wedding rings with a clear conscience!

Frequently asked questions about sustainable wedding rings


Wedding rings symbolize shared love, why shouldn't they also symbolize love for our earth? Sustainable wedding rings made of recycled or fair gold combine two advantages: They can remind us of a special person, a special day and give us a shared strength and at the same time they can also let us think with a clear conscience about the beauty of our earth, in which ours Love takes place. At Maren Jewelery we think this is the most beautiful and original form of love on the finger. We have therefore designed classic wedding rings such as the Bold Essential Ring or Essential Ring or more striking rings such as the Wild Lines Ring or the Wilderness Eterity Ring made of recycled yellow gold or white gold. What they all have in common is that they are not only beautiful, elegant wedding rings, but are also sustainably manufactured in harmony with our nature.


Wedding rings are the most symbolic and emotionally important piece of jewelry in the lives of many couples. Wedding rings should therefore not only last a lifetime, but should also please for a lifetime. In addition, it is important to many couples that the symbols of love worn on the finger were produced in harmony with people and nature and can be worn with a clear conscience. Then the choice falls on sustainable wedding rings. In order to ensure sustainability when purchasing wedding rings, a few criteria should be taken into account when selecting. The rings should be made from high-quality, sustainable materials, such as recycled metals or fair trade metals, and have high-quality workmanship. You should pay attention to a simple, timeless design that can be worn for a long time and does not go out of style. Another important factor is production. Sustainable wedding rings should, if possible, be produced locally under fair working conditions and with fair wages. Since jewelry is always handmade, if prices are cheap, it can be assumed that either children were employed or workers were not well paid. It is therefore very important to find out more about how it is manufactured. Sustainable companies will answer every question openly and transparently.


Yes, at Maren Jewelery all jewelry made from gold is made from recycled gold, including our wedding rings.


If you order high-quality goods, such as wedding rings, online, it is important that you do so from trustworthy sellers. Then it is harmless in itself. When buying wedding rings online, always make sure you can understand where the ring and, if applicable, the diamond in it come from. Reputable retailers can always answer your questions transparently, look forward to hearing from you and are happy to share any information with you in order to give you the best possible advice on your online purchase. A particular advantage of buying your sustainable wedding ring online is the fact that you and your partner can calmly and carefully get an overview of the information and details that are important to you, regardless of store opening times, and are not persuaded to make a hasty purchase will. And if you are still not satisfied with your choice in the end, you can always make use of your 2-week right of return and send the wedding rings back.

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