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Ketten Layering - Kombiniere mehrere Ketten miteinander

Necklace Layering - Combine several necklaces with each other


When it comes to trends, we at Maren Jewelery have a little trouble. We already have it in our journal on the subjectring stacking mentioned: As a responsible and sustainable company, we are enthusiastic about the timeless and ideas that outlast trends instead of attracting attention for a short time. Nevertheless, we pay attention to chain layering. On the one hand, because the jewelry trend can be easily implemented with existing pieces of jewelery and, on the other hand, because it allows you to wear several chains at the same time. As a jewelery brand, it is very difficult for us to get enough of seeing different pieces of jewelery come together in very individual combinations.

This journal will therefore deal with the very different possibilities of chain layering. We would like to show you which chains you can use and how several chains can best be worn together. We also share a little tip on how originally chains of the same length can be used as layering chains.

Where did the idea of ​​layering chains come from?

In fact, chain layering is not a new trend. Although wearing multiple necklaces has recently become more popular among fashion and style enthusiasts, the idea originally came from a completely different time. In fact, it was punks in the early 80s who started wearing a wide variety of necklaces together. Of course, the creative combinations of that time differ significantly from ours today. Last but not least, this fact proves how versatile and yet also timeless this trend actually is and can be interpreted.

Which chains are best suited for chain layering?

Basically, it's very simple: Whatever you like! This applies to layering chains, but also to all other (styling) areas. Trust your taste and get creative. At the same time, there are still some timeless tips that can make following the trend a little easier. And occasionally one or the other of our inspirations might help you to find a feel for your own style.

Combine different chain lengths

It is obvious: The be-all and end-all of chain layering are chains of different lengths. Each individual chain only comes into its own if you play with different chain lengths. Also: The more different the lengths, the more you minimize the risk of the chains getting tangled with each other. Untangling not only tests your patience, but also carries the risk of damaging your chains and should therefore be avoided at all costs.

1 >
You put both chains on and turn both clasps to the front.

2 >
Now you simply swap the closures. This means you attach the clasp of the first chain to the end of the second and vice versa.

3 >
Then you turn the clasps backwards again and voilà: by pulling on one chain, the other one shortens and you can vary the lengths as you like.

The procedure may sound a bit abstract in theory, but just try it out. It works and enormously simplifies the implementation of the jewelry trend with your existing chains.

Are you still looking for something new to bring a breath of fresh air intoyour jewelry box to bring ours sustainable chains are ideal for your chain layering. Whether minimalist with our available in different lengthsEssential chain or the slightly wider oneBold Essential Necklace, or you make a statement, for example with ourWild Flowers pendant. It is important to us that our necklaces can be easily combined, are timeless and can accompany you for a lifetime.

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Bring different metals into play

Although it is still claimed otherwise, gold and silver can and may be worn together without hesitation. If you mix your favorite golden and silver chains together, completely new variations are created that additionally loosen up your chain layering and create a completely new look.

Consciously breaking styles

There are no limits to your creativity, not only with the materials. When selecting the different designs for your personal chain layering, you can also put together very individual duos, trios or even quartets and quintets. Decorate your neck and décolleté as minimalistically or diversely as you like. Three simple chains of different lengths are just as suitable as three completely different ones. For example, we really like the mix of large chains like ours sunray chain and more delicate necklaces with pendants like ours Sunbeam trailer. The best thing to do is try it out in front of the mirror to see whether you prefer filigree combinations or material mixes with heavy chains, diamonds or pearls.

Frequently asked questions about chain layering

What does chain layering mean?

Chain layering simply means combining multiple chains. The jewelry trend has its origins in the 80s and can be interpreted individually.

Which chains from Maren Jewelery are suitable for chain layering?

All chains from Maren Jewelery meet the requirements to be used in chain layering. More filigree chains can be used in many ways or simply harmonize and our more eye-catching pendants can become an eye-catcher within your very personal chain composition.

Can gold and silver chains be combined?

Everything is allowed. Combining different precious metals is a matter of taste, both in chain layering and otherwise. We love wearing gold and silver jewelry together and think this creates exciting new looks.

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