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Ketten als Glücksbringer – Ein Talisman fürs neue Jahr

Chains for good luck - A talisman for the New Year


We find, especially now that Christmas is just around the corner and the turn of the year is approaching Lucky charms in the form of chains or amulets a wonderful idea for yourself or even as  sustainable gift. Because with the end of one year and the beginning of the new year, there is a good opportunity to pause, reflect on what was and think about what should be. For many people, a new year is accompanied by a motivation to start something new, to define goals and to put these plans into practice in concrete terms. These can be very small changes in everyday life, but also life-changing decisions. However, as most of us are familiar with, it can be difficult as the new year progresses to stick to your resolutions and live by them every day, despite initial great determination. It may need a small one everyday memory in moments of doubt.

Jewelry and especially chains as lucky charms can help in such moments to give you peace and security and to concentrate on the essentials. Be it an unexpectedly turbulent time in the new year, an upcoming exam, a difficult conversation or the uncertainty that sometimes has to be endured: touching your talisman can act as a valuable anchor for you and remind you of your goals.

Within our nature-inspired collections you will find some beautiful pieces of jewelry that are perfect as lucky charm necklaces or amulet necklaces and worn close to your heart constantly remind you of your resolutions and goals.n.

Carried close to your heart

Meaning of talisman

Before we give you our Chains as lucky charms introduce, we would like to briefly explain where the word talisman actually comes from. There are different derivations.n.

On the one hand, the word is said to be derived from the Greek verb teleo and means something like achieving or effecting something. Another source says that in the 17th century it was borrowed from the Italian talismano, which in turn goes back to the Arabic țilasm, meaning magical image. The Arabic word, in turn, also has its origin in Greek, viz. telesma, which could be translated as sacred object or magical object. Be that as it may, such magical powers have been ascribed to small objects or memorabilia. The talismans of their wearer should be thought of further ihrem Träger bring good fortune and avert misfortune from them. We find our jewellery, in which we have already captured the wonders of nature, is ideal as a lucky charm with a magical effect.

Sustainable lucky charm chains as a talisman

We are of the opinion that in order to be able to fully unfold the promised effect as a lucky charm, they should Talismans not at the expense of people or the environment to have been manufactured. That's why our pieces of jewelery exist, and of course ours too Amulet chains and lucky charm chains, exclusively made from sustainable, carefully selected materials and are handmade under fair conditions in Germany. We use recycled 18k gold and recycled 925 sterling silver. In addition, all of our processed diamonds are beautifully sparkling synthetic diamonds straight from the lab. Happiness must not be associated with suffering, you can wear and give away the following talisman jewelery from Maren Jewelery with a clear conscience.

Memories of the Sea Amulet Necklace

The beautiful amulet chain with the name Memories of the Sea from the collection of the same name symbolizes our love for nature and the longing for the sea. If the endless expanse of the sea also has a very special and deeper meaning for you, then this amulet necklace with its five synthetic eco diamonds is exactly the right companion for you.

A Mindful Love Lucky Charm Necklace

Mindfulness is one of our core values, which is why A mindful love has become our motto. Our golden e A Mindful Love Lucky Charm Necklace is therefore still one of our favorite pieces of jewelery and is particularly important to us. All people with a love of mindfulness are guaranteed to be reminded of them every day with this lucky charm chain.

Wild Flowers necklace as a lucky charm

Nature is our greatest source of inspiration and its untouched beauty is not least worth preserving and protecting. You, too, can wear your love for the wilderness and nature directly over your heart with our encrusted with a total of 26 synthetic Eco Diamonds from Switzerland – Wild Flowers Lucky Charm Necklace. A delicate relief shows a flower surrounded by our motto A mindful lovee”

Our Sunray Amulet Necklace

Because every day brings us the happiness of a new beginning, every day you have the chance to make it something very special. Our beautifully shining one is reminiscent of the sparkle of the sun that rises every day Sunray Amulet Necklace with its 50 hand-set synthetic eco diamonds. Do you know someone whose everyday life you would like to enrich with this memory? Whether for yourself or for a loved one in your life, this special talisman chain can act as a valuable anchor and donate the necessary peace and strength in the new year..

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Which chains are best suited as lucky charm chains?

You alone decide what your personal lucky charm should be. For some it is a shell discovered in a special place, for others a chestnut in their jacket pocket or a lucky penny and for still others a meaningful piece of jewellery. The same applies here: Everything that you attribute to your piece of jewelery has its justification. Traditionally, the chain is the most common piece of jewelry when it comes to a lucky effect. The closeness to the heart and the fact that it is worn around the neck make it a very intimate and emotional companion. In addition, there are mainly chains with pendants and amulet chains that are used as lucky charm chains.

Are talisman chains suitable as a gift?

We say yes! A talisman chain is a beautiful, personal and everlasting gift. And at the same time, it retains its value for life. With it you can express your love for a special person in your life and remind them of the essentials in life every day. With a engraving you can also personalize the talisman chain and further enhance the personal touch of your gift.

On what occasion can I give a necklace as a lucky charm?

There are a variety of occasions on which the recipient is guaranteed to be delighted with a lucky charm necklace as a gift. Happy New Year as Christmas gift, luck for a new year of life for your birthday, luck for an upcoming exam or for a new job. But also as a companion for difficult phases of life or simply as a reminder of how lucky you are to have this certain person in your life, a necklace as a lucky charm cannot be given away at the wrong time.

Written By Franka

Franka is a freelancer in the fields of marketing and communication and lives with her small family in Munich. She tries to consciously organize her everyday life in order to gradually integrate more sustainability into her life.

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