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Bridal jewelry for your big day


Sustainably equipped for your wedding

If you landed on this journal and are looking for bridal jewelry, you may have received a romantic marriage proposal a while back. Or maybe you were the person who asked the big question. Maybe you also agreed together, very quietly, to take the next step and soon to deny your future together as a married couple Whatever your visit to this one page, congratulations! What a nice reason to rummage through the internet. In any case, you've come to the right place if you're looking for the right bridal jewelry for you and yours for your big day.n.

Even if the bridal jewelry is not the main actor on this special day, it is of essential importance for the overall picture. Be it a subtle necklace that flatters the bride's décolleté without being obtrusive, or perhaps a pair of meaningful hoop earrings that draw attention, we have put together a wide variety of bridal accessories for you that leave nothing to be desired. Discover with us your very individual, sustainable jewelry to the wedding and make this day even more unforgettable with matching bridal jewelry.

Drops of Memory - Preserve the memories of your wedding

Lose yourself in the depths of this simple and elegant necklace. As the name suggests, this piece of jewelery is specially made to preserve your most beautiful memories. So why not carry one of the most important days of your life very close to our hearts Drops of Memory pendant impresses with a small, subtle eco diamond, set in a yellow gold setting and attracts one or the other glance with its sparkle, but still lets you and your overall appearance take center stage. Last but not least this fact makes this Pendant and chain combo perhaps to your perfect bridal jewelery and companion.

Sunbeam - Feel the bliss of a ray of sunshine

The sun moves over the horizon, the warming feeling of the first sunbeam spreads indescribably on your skin. We want you to remember this feeling every time you wear ours Sunbeam trailer remember. On the one hand it is delicate and light and on the other hand it exudes an intensity that makes you shine like the power of the sun. Complement the look and check out the matching ones too Sunbeam Stud Earrings from the collection.

Sunray - Because the bride is the center of attention

Shine in competition with the sun. Like its namesake, this beautiful yellow gold pendant with its sparkling eco-cut diamonds draws looks and attention. Maybe ours Sunray pendant Your perfect accompaniment to a simpler dress that will make you feel like the center of our solar system at your wedding. You can also achieve this look with the right ones Sunray stud earrings to complete.

Sphere Ear Studs - The sign of connectedness

Two drops between which a delicate bond has developed that has solidified. Your love, arose from a tender connection, which is now strengthened by a wedding. Do you recognize the parallelism Leave our tender Sphere Stud Earrings be synonymous with your love and give them the beautiful supporting role on your special day.

Wave Earring - The untamed love of the surging sea

The spray dances constantly on the surging waves. The steady sound of the sea has always calmed people down and symbolizes serenity and freedom. We have combined this unique eye-catcher with just this calm and serenity. Leave our gorgeous Wave earrings Be your anchor on the otherwise so exciting and thrilling day of your wedding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What jewelry should the bride wear?

It is well known that there is no arguing about taste. For this very reason, our most important advice is: you have to please yourself. And only you. This day is all yours and you want to celebrate your love with your friends and family. Whether traditional or trend-conscious, trust your taste and listen to your heart when you make your selection of the right bridal jewelry.

Only rings are rarely seen at a wedding, as the focus is usually on the wedding ring. But here, too, only what you want counts. If you like that the wedding ring fits into a wild ring ensemble on your hands, go for it!

Why do you wear bridal jewelry and what is behind it?

Jewelry has always been a sign of prosperity. Especially in the past, the families of the daughters had to show that marrying into their family was an advantage. This is exactly what should be presented to the public with special accessories.

Although this is no longer the norm in most societies today, the bride often wants to stand out from the rest of the crowd on this day. You are the protagonist of your love story. Bridal accessories in the form of necklaces and earrings that complete your outfit also make you the main protagonist of your very special day.

What makes a sustainable wedding?

Making your own wedding sustainable can't be that easy. Everything starts with the choice of location. According to the motto less is more, an open-air wedding is an obvious option here. But first impressions can be deceiving. Especially a sustainably managed location in the city can be the perfect choice for your "Green Wedding". Because the journey and the connection to public transport networks make up a huge part of our ecological footprint in connection with a wedding. Have guests, any catering teams and Bands a short journey, you are already doing a lot of things right.ig.

If you want to learn more about this topic, you can find it in our journal on the topicGreen Wedding other helpful information.

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