"With each of my jewelry pieces I want to tell a story about love, passion and nature."

Helge Maren Hauptmann, Founder and Designer

a mindful love

I design sustainable jewelry that wants to find its place in your story.

Maren Jewellery enables luxury that is in harmony with nature. To guarantee this, I only use recycled precious metals and synthetic eco-diamonds for my timeless and minimal designed jewelry.

Jewelry that becomes the expression of a mindful and considerate love - this is the unique characteristic of my jewelry to create a mood, to awaken a memory and to give life a little more.

It is this more that I have dedicated myself to. After 10 years in the jewelry industry, the last years of which I worked as Head of Design for a well-known German jewelry company, it is now time for me to go my own way. My wish is to make my passion for sustainability and my love for nature tangible through my jewelry.

This earth is our home - let's make it beautiful.