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Which story do you want to tell?


With jewelry, we tell stories that are conspicuously loud or personally quiet.
We adorn ourselves with memories, dreams or love to carry them close to us. Let's do this with a clear conscience!

What does Maren Jewelery stand for?

>The problem

Unfortunately, the beauty of jewelry often comes at a high price. Because the luxury and jewelry industries are often accompanied by exploitation, pollution, suffering and destruction. Whether it is the questionable origin of diamonds or the problematic mining of gold, people and the environment often suffer in the production of beloved pieces of jewelry.  

> The solution

Maren Jewelery shows that there is a different way: sustainable, honest, aesthetic and high quality. We take responsibility and combine luxury with holistic sustainability. To ensure that your purchase supports positive changes, we integrate the following principles into our actions:

  1. Sustainable materials: We use sustainable materials not only for our jewelry but also for our packaging to minimize our ecological footprint.
  2. 18k recycled real gold: Our high-quality pieces of jewelry are made exclusively from 18 carat recycled real gold, which is processed in Germany.
  3. Laboratory diamonds: Instead of conventional diamonds, we use laboratory diamonds of the highest quality. Not only are they conflict-free, but they are also environmentally friendly.
  4. Local, handcrafted production: Each piece of jewelry is designed by designer and jewelry expert Helge Maren herself and manufactured locally and by hand. This not only ensures quality, but also reduces shipping routes.
  5. Durable and recyclable products: Our products are designed to last and can be recycled to reduce waste and avoid overconsumption.
  6. Conscious consumption: We encourage our customers to consume consciously and reflect on whether they really need something new to prevent overconsumption.
  7. Fair payment: We are committed to fair pay for our employees and craftsmen in order to promote social responsibility.
  8. CO2 emission compensation: We actively reduce CO2 and offset unavoidable CO2 emissions. We also support the Earthbeat Foundation to make a positive contribution to environmental protection.
  9. Commitment to change: We are in continuous exchange with other players to make the jewelry industry more sustainable. We share our knowledge and advocate for positive changes in the industry.

If you tell your personal story with us, you can do so without a conflict of conscience. Because every piece of jewelry is a carefully crafted symbol of love a mindful love .

Change succeeds together!

Every piece of Maren jewelery goes through a holistic sustainability process. From the first idea in the design to shipping, we act in the interests of our environment without compromise! The love of craftsmanship and our WeMind core values ​​form the basis of every business decision. For common change, you only have to make a conscious decision for a sustainable piece of jewellery. n.

"With each of my jewelry I want honest , pure and authentic stories tell - those of love, passion, beauty and nature! "

Helge Maren Hauptmann, founder and designer

Our founder

Helge Maren's in-depth expertise in the jewelry industry and her passion for perfection in terms of materials and quality form the foundation of Maren Jewellery.

"Jewelry has fascinated me and has accompanied me all my life. With the founding of Maren Jewelery, I have fulfilled my long-standing desire to create lasting change and to act entirely in accordance with my values. After 10 years in the jewelry industry, most recently as 'Head of Design ' at a well-known German jewelery company, it was time to go my own way.

I want to inspire with my jewelry: to a timeless, luxurious aesthetic and a future-oriented, sustainable lifestyle. "

Maren Jewelery on TV

ZDF report about new paths in the jewelry industry with us and our eco diamonds from the laboratory

Our commitment

For us, commitment does not end with the completion of a piece of jewellery. We are also committed to sustainable change and believe in constant change.


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