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Nachhaltiger Schmuck als Statement

Sustainable jewelry as a statement

Wear sustainable jewelry as a statement – ​​let it be an expression of your personality and your values ​​at the same time!

All of our jewelry is responsibly manufactured to the highest quality standards and personally designed for you. We only use sustainable 18 carat recycled gold and sterling silver, as well as synthetic diamonds, because we only want the very best for you and our planet. Our sustainable jewelry is 'feel good luxury' for every day!

No empty promises:recognize real sustainability

Sustainability has become a buzzword. Numerous companies in the jewelry industry pride themselves on producing sustainable jewelry. But what is behind the promises? How can you tell that they are um real sustainability and not just a mere marketing strategy. We rely on transparency and show you in our Sustainability report, what the production of our recycled jewelry looks like in detail. Besides, we are certified RJC member and as the first German jewelry company Part of the B Corp movement. Both certifications confirm ours ecological, sustainable, social and responsible action also by independent third parties.

Sustainable jewelry:what sets it apart?

Sustainable materials, suppliers and partners, fair working conditions, plastic-free packaging and individual local manufacturing processes: all our decisions are based on sustainable and responsible principles. At Maren Jewelery you will find sustainable jewelery that you can wear with a clear conscience. Hardly anything is as valuable as our time. And since all Maren pieces of jewelry are carefully handcrafted, you can be sure that a lot of love has already gone into them. Paired with the material value of our hand-selected recycled raw materials and your very personal message, your sustainable piece of jewelry becomes something very special.

With us you will find something that goes beyond what is taken for granted: sustainability, luxury and traditional craftsmanship combined in beautiful, fairly and sustainably produced pieces of jewellery. With a clear conscience, discover your new lifelong companion in the form of sustainable jewelry. Because what you wear should embody what is important to you. Without compromises. . 

Slow Luxury:Our Materials

While conventional luxury jewelry is often based on short-term trends and mass production, slow luxury jewelry focuses on sustainability, quality and ethics. Maren Jewelery therefore only uses recycled precious metals and laboratory-grown diamonds to minimize environmental impact. In addition, sustainable jewelry is only made to order to avoid overproduction. Slow Luxury jewelry creates a connection between beauty and responsibility.

Sustainable design for timeless elegance

For us, our sustainability standards always go hand in hand with high design standards.

"I want to offer high-quality, handmade and sustainable luxury jewelry that is quietly designed and timelessly can accompany its wearer for a lifetime. I think it's so important that you stand up for your beliefs and try to initiate changes where possible. Because everyone has what it takes to make our world a better place. That's exactly what I'm doing with Maren Jewelry in my industry: jewelry design."

Our founder Helge Maren Hauptmann in an interview

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sustainable jewelry?

Jewelery is sustainable if it consists of, among other things, sustainable materials. The metals used are then recycled or fair trade. The precious stones used in sustainable jewelry are also fairly traded, certified and traceable or grown directly in the laboratory. As far as possible, neither plastic nor animal products such as pearls, mother-of-pearl, horn or similar are used for the jewelry and its packaging. In addition, with sustainable jewelry, care should be taken to ensure fair production, which is best done locally with fair wages for the workers and safe working standards. In addition, sustainable jewelery is characterized by high quality, a timeless design and high-quality materials so that it can be worn for as long as possible. This saves resources, less is disposed of and less is produced.

Is it OK to buy sustainable jewelry online?

In itself, it is safe to order sustainable jewelry online if you do so from trustworthy sellers. You save time and, regardless of store opening times, you can calmly and carefully get an overview of the information and details of sustainable jewelry that are important to you. In this way, origin stories, materials and supply chains often become more transparent than with a store purchase. You can also often better understand where the piece of jewelry and, if applicable, the diamond in your sustainable piece of jewelry comes from. We try to make your selection in our online shop as easy as possible and provide you with size guides, descriptions and detailed images. If you are ultimately not satisfied with your choice, you can always make use of your 2-week right of return.

What makes Maren Jewelery products sustainable?

At Maren Jewelery we follow a holistic approach to sustainability. We want to design jewelry in harmony with nature. Therefore, we only use sustainable materials such as recycled metals and laboratory-grown diamonds and produce our jewelry locally in Germany and made to order. This allows us to avoid long transport routes, unnecessary storage and overproduction. Each of our pieces of jewelry is fully recyclable, with which we are striving for a circular economy in the long term. We value fair working conditions and only work with suppliers and partners who share our sustainable vision of jewelry production. Transparency is very important to us in all respects. Our pieces of jewelry are all high-quality, durable and minimalistic, carefully handcrafted. The packaging also makes our jewelery sustainable. We do not use plastic or animal products. With the sale of our jewelry, we also support the sustainable initiative Chooose and offset 100kg of CO2 for each piece of jewelry produced.s.

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Which sustainable initiatives does Maren Jewelery support?

Maren Jewelery has decided to support two initiatives in the long term in order to produce each piece of jewelery in the best possible way in harmony with nature:


Although each of our pieces of jewelery uses 0.4 kg of CO2 on average, around 73 times less CO2 than the average piece of jewelery produced, every time we sell one of our pieces of jewelery we offset 100 kg of CO2 with a donation to the sustainable initiative Chooose in order to be climate-positive.

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Earthbeat Foundation

At Maren Jewelery we only use recycled materials so that we don't have to mine more gold and use what is already there. In order to still do something for positive change in the gold industry and for the nature and people of the mining areas for which we want to take responsibility, we support the Earthbeat Foundation with 3% of our annual profit.

TheEarthbeat Foundationstands up for people whose livelihood is mine work due to a lack of alternatives. New sustainable sources of income are being created locally by the Earthbeat Foundation, such as the beekeeping project.

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