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Labor Diamanten: Der neue Luxus

Laboratory diamonds:the new luxury


The world of luxury is constantly changing in order to always remain exquisitely in tune with the times. In the middle of the current upheaval, of all people, are moving Laboratory diamonds are increasingly coming into focus. Because they are not only a symbol of contemporary elegance, but also stand for sustainability and conscious consumption. More and more large luxury brands and well-known personalities are therefore convinced of laboratory-made stones.

In this journal we would like to take a look at the current developments surrounding laboratory diamonds with you, as we at Maren Jewelery are very happy about it. For us, laboratory-made gemstones are no longer a new discovery, but rather an old passion that we have built on since our founding in order to set new standards for sustainable luxury.

But see how lab diamonds are becoming more and more of a focus and how they could revolutionize the luxury industry.

LVMH:A benchmark for innovation and sustainability

LVMH, one of the most renowned luxury companies in the world, took an impressive step last year: They introduced the use of Laboratory diamonds as a synonym for luxury announced. This remarkable move demonstrates the brand's commitment to championing innovative technology and sustainable practices without compromising the essence of luxury and craftsmanship. Rather, they intend to define the term 'luxury' in a more sustainable way. Prada, Tag Heuer and Fred, three LVMH brands, have already chosen laboratory diamonds and are making a clear statement: Laboratory diamonds are the luxury of tomorrow.

Fred:laboratory diamonds as innovation

Fred, the esteemed Parisian jewelry brand and part of the LVMH Group, recently shook up the jewelry industry by introducing FRED Audacious Blue Lab diamonds in the FRED Hero Cut. The blue laboratory diamonds with 36 facets highlight the dazzling brilliance of their blue in a very special way. Fred cleverly combines them with natural white diamonds, creating a perfect symbiosis of the latest technology and tried-and-tested nature. Additionally, Fred presented an exceptional loose lab diamond weighing a remarkable 8.88 carats. This gemstone pays homage to Fred Samuel, the company's visionary founder, who passed away in 2006. Fred sets new standards in the world of jewelry and raises Lab diamonds are at the heart of their luxury jewelry offering.

Prada:creativity from the laboratory

Another member of the LVMH group, Prada, recently launched its first Eternal Gold Jewelry collection with lab diamonds introduced. This collection uses certified recycled gold and includes 8 pieces of jewelry with laboratory diamonds. Prada even created its own Prada Cut, a diamond cut shape that mimics the fashion house's iconic triangle. Prada's decision to enter the lab diamond market underscores its creative philosophy of redesigning products through innovative materials and processes. The use of laboratory diamonds is a creative step towards greater flexibility for the brand, which takes personalization to a new level.t.

A sustainable diamond gift for jill biden

US First Lady Jill Biden received a very special gift from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a meeting at the White House. It was a 7.5 carat man-made blue diamond. The Diamond gift not only underlines the growing enthusiasm for laboratory diamonds, but above all shows them as a climate-friendly symbol Reducing emissions which were saved during production compared to naturally grown diamonds. In fact, laboratory diamonds only emit a fraction of the emissions that occur when mining natural diamonds.

We are so excited about each and every one of these developments because we firmly believe that luxury and sustainability should not be mutually exclusive. All three examples show the growing acceptance of lab diamonds in the luxury jewelry segment and the willingness to create luxury in a sustainable and innovative way. We are excited about the future and excited about the exciting new perspective that lab diamonds could bring to the creation of luxury jewelry. How are you? Do laboratory diamonds already represent an equivalent alternative to conventional diamonds?r?

Frequently asked questions about lab diamonds

What are laboratory diamonds?

Laboratory diamonds, also known as artificial or synthetic diamonds, are produced in a laboratory under controlled conditions. They have the same chemical composition and identical structural properties as natural diamonds, but are grown in laboratories rather than in the earth.

Why do luxury brands like LVMH choose lab diamonds?

Luxury brands such as LVMH are increasingly relying on lab-grown diamonds as they represent a more sustainable and socially acceptable alternative to conventional diamonds without having to forego the exclusivity and beauty of diamonds.

What role do laboratory diamonds play in the jewelry industry?

Laboratory diamonds are playing an increasingly important role in the jewelry industry. They open up new possibilities for creative designs, personalization and more sustainable production of jewelry. They offer the opportunity to create luxury and beauty in a sustainable and innovative way, helping to take the industry in an exciting new direction.

How do lab diamonds differ from natural diamonds?

Laboratory diamonds and natural diamonds are identical in their chemical and physical properties. The main difference is where they are formed: laboratory diamonds are grown in the laboratory, while natural diamonds are formed in the earth's crust.

What benefits do laboratory diamonds offer for the environment?

Laboratory diamonds have a significantly lower environmental impact compared to natural diamonds. The extraction of natural diamonds requires the mining of ores and leads to environmental pollution and landscape destruction.

Are there differences in brilliance and quality between lab diamonds and natural diamonds?

No, in terms of brilliance and quality, lab diamonds are of excellent quality and can compete with natural diamonds. They undergo rigorous quality control and cutting processes to ensure they meet the highest standards and are graded using the 4cs, just like natural diamonds.

Written By Helge Maren

Helge Maren, the designer behind Maren Jewellery, combines her deep passion for jewelery with impressive expertise. Her texts reflect her dedication to the timeless, luxurious jewelry aesthetic and a forward-looking sustainable lifestyle that characterize Maren Jewelry.

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