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Our wedding ring guide


You are looking for wedding rings With our wedding ring guide we would like to help you decide on the most emotional piece of jewelry of all. A step-by-step guide will help you find sustainable rings that suit you and your love story. Be inspired by the various options and find answers to all your questions on the topic..

Step 1

Determining ring sizes

The ring size is crucial so that your rings fit comfortably and you can enjoy them for a lifetime. That's why in the first step of our wedding ring guide we'll show you different ways to determine your ring size.

It's easiest if you already have a ring as a benchmark that fits well on the corresponding finger.

On all our product pages you will find next to the field for selecting the ring size also our Size Guide for download. We will then describe the options for determining the size of your rings.

If you don't have any rings on hand and would like to try on the ring size, you can also use our Ring gauge made of stainless steel. You can easily unthread these rings, try them on and then simply read your ring size.

If your rings don't fit perfectly despite careful measurement, we will adjust them free of charge.

step 2

The precious metal selection

The most popular and timeless material for wedding rings is gold. You can choose between yellow gold, rose gold and white gold - to suit your style, engagement ring or other jewelry. Platinum is also a very beautiful, classic metal for wedding rings.

It is important that when choosing the material you always pay attention to what you personally like and what suits you and your taste.

In addition to choosing the metal color, you should also think about the alloy. We usually work with high-quality 18 carat gold. But if you prefer a lighter color and a slightly cheaper price, you should choose 14 carat. The detailed explanation of alloys is beyond the scope of our wedding ring guide, but can be found in our journal Gold alloys for jewelry We have summarized all the details for you.

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step 3

Style and shape of your wedding rings

The next step in our wedding ring guide shows you how you can customize your rings by changing the ring width and shape, i.e. the cross-section.

We already have some beautiful and timeless ones sustainable wedding rings designed for you, you can use this as a guide or you can incorporate your own ideas into the design of your rings and send them to us for a custom-made product.

The ring width should harmonize with your fingers and the engagement ring, if you have one. They are more suitable for delicate little fingers narrow wedding rings and tends to be for larger hands wide wedding rings. All of our engagement rings are perfect as pre-position ring, Narrow wedding rings also go well with fine engagement rings.

The shape, i.e. the cross-section, of the rings primarily determines wearing comfort, which is why we always recommend rings that are slightly curved on the inside. Oval and almost round cross-sections are timeless and comfortable. Especially because wedding rings are worn every day, comfort is crucial.d.

Step 4

Individualization of the surface

We have already shown you many ideas in our wedding ring guide to individualize your rings, but finishing the surface and adding lab diamonds are other wonderful options.

In addition to polished or satin-matt, timeless surfaces, special surfaces such as a hammer structure are also possible. Especially with classic surfaces, it is important to remember that matt rings become shinier over time, while polished ones become somewhat duller. Of course, the rings can always be refreshed.

You can also complement your own rings with sustainable laboratory diamonds. You should ask yourself how many stones you want and in which position. Of course, we are happy to advise you on all the options.

Step 5

Your love message as an engraving

Engraving turns your wedding rings into even more personal, precious unique pieces. With our Engraving service you can choose from different fonts and special characters. It's best to think carefully about whether engraving is important to you and what you would like to immortalize in your wedding rings.

Traditionally, the other person's name and the wedding date are often chosen. Of course, personal messages or nicknames are also possible. There are no limits to your ideas when it comes to engraving.

Step 6

Ring presentation

The handover of your rings is a very special and emotional moment of your wedding. We have ours to suit that sustainable ring box made of wood developed for you. Your two rings will find their place in a timeless and stylish way for the big moment.

Alternatively, you can also choose between our paper case or linen case packaging.

Step 7


Have you been inspired by our wedding ring guide and now have some ideas for your rings or do you not yet know exactly what you want or what suits you? In any case, our designer Helge Maren is there for you and will be happy to advise you personally. In a video appointment, she can get to know you and your ideas and show you different models and options.


Maren Love Stories

If you need further inspiration, take a look at the testimonials of other customers who have chosen our jewelry for special moments and commissioned us to create something according to their ideas. Perhaps their personal stories and chosen Maren designs will help you find the perfect rings that will seal your love forever.

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Frequently asked questions

How long before the wedding should you buy rings?

Depending on whether you want a standard model or an individual wedding ring, the timing differs slightly. Standard models should be ordered at least 6 weeks before the wedding; if you want engraving, it is better to order them 7 weeks before. You should start making individual custom-made products about 3 months before the wedding - it is important that you have enough time to decide in peace and to be able to weigh up between different options without time pressure.

A small time buffer is also always advisable for the size of the rings. If these do not fit perfectly despite careful measurement, we will adjust them free of charge, which will take another week or so.

Which wedding rings last the longest?

Rings made from high-quality precious metal alloys such as 18 or 14 carat gold and platinum last a lifetime and are ideal as wedding rings.

How do I find the right wedding ring?

You'll wear your wedding rings for the rest of your life, so it's best to consider which style you personally prefer. Which metal colors do you like or do you already wear so that the wedding ring also matches the engagement ring? When finding your wedding ring, it is best to follow a mix of timeless design and your own individual taste.

What should be in the wedding ring?

Classically, the wedding ring should contain the other person's name and your wedding date. But you can also immortalize individual and personal messages in your rings.

Written By Helge Maren

Helge Maren, the designer behind Maren Jewellery, combines her deep passion for jewelery with impressive expertise. Her texts reflect her dedication to the timeless, luxurious jewelry aesthetic and a forward-looking sustainable lifestyle that characterize Maren Jewelry.

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