The bridal ring set

The bridal ring set

Do you know what a bridal ring set or wedding ring set is? You may have heard of both and wonder if they are special rings, a new trend or a traditional way of wearing rings. Before we go into more depth, let's get one thing out of the way: ring sets - whether they're gold, diamond, solitaire, etc. - are an ideal way to make the most of the limited space on our fingers. Ring sets allow you to combine different rings and artfully put them together to create new compositions. If you make sure when buying a ring that it meets the requirements for a ring set, you can open up a wide range of possibilities when wearing it later. For example, Ring sets can be used wonderfully for the trend of ring stacking, in which your rings are individually and skillfully staged. But also on an emotional level, beautiful symbioses can be created on the finger with the help of wedding ring sets. For example, if an engagement ring is connected to the wedding ring as a side ring, two great moments merge into a shared story. In this journal, we would therefore like to talk about the wonderful possibility of using the space on your fingers creatively and individually with the help of ring sets. We would like to show you how to best wear wedding ring set and explain which rings are preferably suitable for this.

First of all, what are bridal ring sets?

A bridal set consists of two rings that are put on the same finger in front of each other. Wedding ring set means exactly the same and is used synonymously with bridal set rings. It can also be worn in combination with several other rings and thus takes on its own role in the jewelry trend of ring stacking, which has been popular for some time.

Originally, the idea of the wedding ring sets comes from the USA as well as from Great Britain. There, the engagement ring is traditionally put in front of the wedding ring. On the one hand, this allows the engagement ring to be worn for a long time beyond the engagement period and thus prevents the emotionally significant piece of jewelry from disappearing forever into the jewelry case. In addition, this also creates very individual and beautiful ring combinations at the same time.

How to wear wedding ring sets and which rings are best?

Wedding ring sets are available in quite different designs. For example, they can be rings made of gold, white gold, with or without diamonds, solitaire or eternity rings. The most important prerequisite of the bridal ring set, however, is that any stones or diamonds protruding from the side are set high enough to fit easily over a ring set next to it without interfering or scratching it. Bridal Set Rings have at least one smooth, straight cut side with no protrusions so that they nestle perfectly with other rings. In addition, a bridal ring is usually a rather plain and narrow ring option that allows other rings to continue to stand out when worn together. This then creates the high flexibility with which countless designs can be easily combined.

At Maren Jewellery, all of our rings meet these requirements to give you the most versatile and long-lasting wearing options possible. One combination that we like especially well is our slim gold essential ring, complemented by a colorful ReMind mini Solitaire ring as a bridal set. But also our Bold Essential Ring joins quite wonderfully in a duo with our Classic ReMind Solitaire Ring.

The wearer can, of course, design his or her ring set according to individual preference and creativity, and can also use more elaborately designed rings as bridal sets. Classically, two rings are combined with each other. More expressive and as a statement it is understood to wear up to five rings on one finger. Our Wilderness Eternity Ring set all around with synthetic Eco Diamonds for example, is more striking, but still timeless and wearable for any occasion.

Wear your engagement ring as part of a bridal set

Engagement Rings are probably the most popular start of the bridal ring set . The trend, which originated in the USA and Great Britain, offers the possibility of continuing to wear the usually more expensive and often more conspicuous engagement ring together with the wedding ring for as long as you like. Otherwise, the jewelry turned witness of your love would disappear after a short time in the jewelry box and gather dust there. Very popular is the set of a classic solitaire ring and a wedding ring, but also other (engagement) ring designs like our Sunray Ring or our Drops of Memories Ring pair quite wonderfully with a (wedding) ring.

Moreover, wearing the engagement ring in front of the wedding ring symbolizes the strengthened love, in which the marriage is secured by the engagement ring sitting in front of it.

A set variant is also not uncommon. For this purpose, however, three or five rings must be worn, which set the engagement ring as and thus symbolize the "sealing" of love.

Wear your wedding ring as part of the bridal ring set

On the other hand, the wedding ring is also suitable for the ring set. Here, reference is made to the chronological order of the course of love. If the wedding ring is set with diamonds or other precious stones, for example, this variant is suitable to complement the possibly simpler engagement ring. In the end, of course, you alone must decide what suits your taste and style and feels good to you.

Frequently asked questions about bridal ring sets

Which rings from Maren Jewellery are suitable as bridal set rings?

All of our rings, with and without stones, meet the requirements to function as a bridal set next to other rings due to the high settings and straight ring sides. With an engagement ring from Maren Jewellery, you're keeping the option open to put it together with your wedding band later. Go to our sustainable engagement rings.

Can one use the engagement ring as part of a bridal set after the wedding?

If you already make sure when selecting the engagement ring that, for example, diamonds are set in an appropriately high setting, you can later use it as a bridal ring set. In this country, too, the trend of wearing the engagement ring as a ring with the wedding ring, which originated in the USA and Great Britain, is becoming increasingly popular. Thus, the engagement ring acquires a new function immediately at the wedding ceremony and fortunately does not have to gather dust in the jewelry box in the future

How to wear engagement ring and wedding ring together?

You can combine these two significant symbols of a partnership by using one of the jewelry pieces as a wedding ring set. Both rings are worn next to each other on the same finger, symbolizing the progression of love - wedding ring before engagement ring - or the "securing" of the marriage through the engagement ring placed in front of the wedding ring.

How do I determine the correct ring size of a Maren Jewellery Ring?

It is undoubtedly necessary to determine the exact ring size before ordering. For this you can use our Sizeguide. You can also find it on all our product pages for download. After you have downloaded and printed it, you can either use one of your well-fitting rings and compare it with the sizes shown (inner circumference) or cut out our measuring tape from the printed size guide and put it around your finger. Now you can easily read off the ideal ring size. 
If you are using a pre-set ring, please note that the size may change depending on the position of the ring.

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