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Nachhaltige Verlobungsringe von Maren Jewellery

Sustainable engagement rings

Sustainable engagement rings made from recycled 18k gold and synthetic diamonds - the perfect sign of your love for each other and the environment.

Our sustainable engagement rings are carefully designed and environmentally friendly. We use recycled 18k gold to ensure no new gold needs to be mined, minimizing the environmental impact. Our synthetic diamonds are of the highest quality and ethically produced, without the use of conflict-affected raw materials. This means you can wear your engagement ring with a clear conscience, because it not only symbolizes your love, but also your connection to the earth.




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Our high-quality engagement rings are sustainably designed one-offs that can be simply and elegantly combined with any other ring. Find an engagement ring as an individual symbol of eternity that suits your loved one and our planet equally.

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Nachhaltige Verlobungsringe als Vorsteckringe

Engagement rings as stacking rings

Together is the most beautiful.

We find that this also applies to our rings. Because not only the materials and manufacture of our engagement rings are sustainable, but also the design has been thought through sustainably, they also work wonderfully in combination with our other rings. So our engagement rings sparkle on their own until the wedding and afterwards, thanks to their optimal fit and raised setting, they can be ideally combined as a pre-engagement ring with our sustainable wedding rings to form a single unit. Two stories of love on one finger: timeless for eternity and powerfully nestled together.

Nachhaltig heiraten mit nachhaltigen Verlobungsringen

Sustainable rings, sustainable wedding

You want to make a statement with a sustainable engagement ring and celebrate your love in harmony with nature? High quality and luxury are still important to you? You would like to plan in an environmentally conscious way even after you have said "I do" and are considering getting married in a sustainable way?

We have put together some tips for you on how to have a sustainable wedding without having to sacrifice special details.

Marens nachhaltige Verlobungsringe in der Presse

Press coverage

Sustainable topics are arousing more and more interest and are thus also finding more and more mentions in renowned media. Our rings have already made it into one magazine or another, which makes us very happy..

Here is a small collection of articles that present our sustainable engagement rings and may serve as an additional decision-making aid and inspiration for you.

Frequently asked questions about engagement rings

What is a sustainable engagement ring?

A sustainable engagement ring is a symbolic ring that has been produced from sustainable fair trade or recycled metals under mindful and responsible standards and is of high quality, long lasting. If it is set with gemstones, they should be fair trade, certified and traceable or grown directly in the lab. Furthermore, it should have been produced under fair and humane conditions. Since jewellery is always handmade, if the price is low, it can be assumed that either children were employed or workers were not paid well. Therefore, it is very important to find out exactly how the jewellery is made. Sustainable companies will answer any questions openly and transparently.

What should I look for when buying a diamond engagement ring?

An engagement is a very emotional and personal moment of love that the engagement ring symbolically captures for eternity. When choosing an engagement ring, it is therefore important to many that it does justice to the preciousness of the moment and the love and they look for a ring with precious stones. It is important to make sure that the gemstones in the engagement ring are fair trade, certified and traceable or artificially grown in a laboratory. From a size of 0.5 carat, the diamond should come with an official certificate, as is the case with the synthetic diamonds at Maren Jewellery. In addition, the gemstones should be graded using the 4 C's to determine the quality of the stones and thus the entire piece of jewellery.

How do I find out the ring size for an engagement ring?

The easiest way to find out the ring size for an engagement ring is to have a ring from your partner that fits him or her well on the corresponding finger. On every Maren Jewellery product page, next to the size selection field, you will find our Size Guide to download or print out, on which you can easily compare the ring with our circle patterns and thus find out the size you need. The sizes shown correspond to the inner circumference of the ring.

If you don't have a ring to hand, you can find out the ring size by cutting out our measuring tape from the Size Guide and cutting in at the dotted line. Now all you have to do is put the tape measure around your partner's finger and read off the ideal ring size.

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Is it safe to order an engagement ring online?

In general, it is safe to order engagement rings or other high-quality goods online if you do so from trustworthy sellers. When buying online, always make sure that you can trace the origin of the jewellery and, if applicable, the diamond in your ring. Reputable sellers are happy to hear from you, can always answer your questions transparently and are happy to share any information with you in order to give you the best possible advice for your online purchase. A particular advantage of buying your engagement ring online is the fact that you can get an overview of the information and details that are important to you in peace and quiet, regardless of shop opening hours. And if you are still not satisfied with your choice, you can always make use of your 2-week right of return.


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