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Verlobungsringe mit Diamanten aus dem Labor

Engagement rings with lab-grown diamonds

Engagement rings with diamonds as an expression of your love in its purest form

Our diamond engagement rings with lab-grown diamonds are not only stunningly beautiful, but also a sign of your ethical responsibility. Each ring in our collection is crafted with the utmost care and is distinguished by the radiant beauty of our synthetic diamonds. For your sparkling proposal!




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The lab diamonds we use are grown in controlled laboratory environments, without the use of environmentally harmful mining processes or ethically questionable practices. The result is diamonds of exceptional quality and purity that can be worn with a clear conscience. Our lab diamond engagement rings offer a wide range of styles and designs to ensure you find the perfect ring that best expresses your love and connection. Whether you choose a classic solitaire ring or a more sophisticated design, every piece of jewelry in our collection tells a unique love story. A diamond engagement ring with a lab diamond is not just a piece of jewelry, but a promise of love and sustainability. It is a symbol of connection and commitment that you can wear with a clear conscience. We look forward to accompanying you on this special journey and helping you find the lab diamond engagement ring that represents your love in its purest form.

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The diamonds in Maren's engagement rings are of what quality?

For us, lab-grown diamonds are the new luxury - high-quality and mindful. That's why all our diamond engagement rings consist exclusively of synthetic diamonds of the highest quality. These are grown environmentally friendly in the laboratory. They are just as pure as natural diamonds and have an identical chemical and optical composition. You can read about the exact diamond quality of our gemstones in the engagement rings in our journal on the 4 C's. If you are not sure yet which diamond cut you prefer in your engagement ring, you can find information about the different cut styles, meanings, and brilliance at the following link. In any case, when you purchase a synthetic diamond engagement ring at Maren, you will receive an official quality certificate that confirms its high quality.

So you find the perfect engagement ring

Your engagement is a very emotional and personal moment, which the engagement ring symbolically holds for eternity. Therefore, you surely want to find a sustainable engagement ring that best represents this special moment and your love. We know: this is not easy! That's why we have put together an engagement ring guide for you, which gives you an overview of the different options and supports you in your selection. Furthermore, sometimes it helps to be inspired by other couples and their stories, and to hear how our pieces of jewelry have been received by others in such a unique moment. In our Maren Lovestories, you will find ideas and stories of our customers, where you can get first-hand testimonials that may serve as creative inspiration for you. Feel free to reach out to us anytime if you have a very special idea for your personal engagement ring with or without a diamond. We will find a solution for everything.

Consultation or custom-made engagement ring according to your wishes

Have you not yet found the right engagement ring with a diamond and need advice, or do you have your own unique idea for your ring? Our trained jewelry designer Helge Maren is always available to assist you and personally advise you on all questions regarding engagement rings or individual custom designs. You can also schedule a video appointment with her to discuss your ideas and explore different models and options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Engagement is one of the most emotional and personal moments in a relationship for many, with the engagement ring possibly preserving the memory for a lifetime. When choosing an engagement ring, many people attach great importance to ensuring that it is as precious as the moment and the love shared. Therefore, the choice often falls on a ring with diamonds, which shines and sparkles as purely and uniquely as love itself.

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The popularity of engagement rings with diamonds as the central design element can be traced back to the 15th century. At that time, Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave his fiancée Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring as an engagement gift to express his love with the precious, unique stone. Since diamonds were very rare at that time, only a few wealthy individuals could afford this until the 19th century. However, from the 19th century onwards, the solitaire engagement ring became increasingly popular as diamond prices fell. From this point on, the ring was used by more and more people to express the radiant, pure, and precious bond with another person. Even today, the solitaire ring remains one of the most popular engagement rings worldwide and a true classic!

Why are diamond rings often given for engagement?

Which diamond engagement ring is a classic?


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