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Nachhaltige Weihnachtsgeschenke: Unsere Ohrstecker und Sternenkette weihnachtlich verpackt und bei Kerzenschein.

Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts that come from the heart and respect the environment.

Our pieces of jewelry are personal, symbolic and of lasting value, making them ideal sustainable Christmas gifts. They are timeless memories and daily companions of love that fit perfectly into the magic of Christmas and giving.

Our Christmas present to you:we will supplement incoming Christmas orders with an order value of €400 or more from November 23rd, 2023 to December 24th, 2023 with our Furoshiki silk gift towel.




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The Christmas season is a time of giving, joy and togetherness. It is the perfect opportunity to show our love and appreciation to our loved ones. At Maren Jewelery we believe that giving is more than just a gesture - it is a way to express our deepest feelings for each other. So that you can enjoy the pre-Christmas season in a contemplative and slowed-down manner by candlelight and with delicious cookies, without foregoing thoughtful and personal gifts, we have put together a selection of very special pieces of jewelry for you. You can order these online from the comfort of your own home and have them beautifully packaged straight away. Our rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets made from recycled gold and silver or with lab-grown diamonds - perhaps even engraved with a personal message - are undoubtedly individual and unique sustainable gift ideas for eternity.

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Weihnachtsgeschenke Goldringe mit Labordiamanten auf Kerzen

Sustainable Christmas gifts for last-minute decision-makers

Maybe you're a little late to the party with all the recent hustle and bustle. However, you are probably looking for a special Christmas gift for a loved one in your life. Whether it's a Christmas gift for your wife or a suitable Christmas present for your sister, jewellery makes a great sustainable Christmas gift and will undoubtedly make the recipient shine. The pieces from our "Ready to ship" collection will be with you in no time at all and can be presented as sustainable Christmas gifts in time and ready-wrapped.

Gravierbare 18 Karat Gold Herzen

Personal Christmas Gifts: A Mindful Love

The most beautiful gestures are not only sustainable Christmas gifts, but also personal Christmas gifts. A mindful love. This is not only our guiding principle, but also an attitude to life that is worth remembering every day. That's why our beautiful A mindful love heart pendant, handmade in Germany from recycled 18 carat gold and with a hand-set synthetic eco diamond, is ideal as a personal Christmas gift for people with a love of mindfulness.

Nachhaltige Geschenkverpackung Fursohiki Seidentuch

A Christmas present from us to you

Be it sustainable Christmas gifts for men or a gift for women for Christmas , we will complement every Christmas order received by December 10th, 2022 with an order value of €400 or more with the lovingly handcrafted porcelain bowl"Spray". This is our Christmas present to you! The jewelery bowl , created in cooperation with designer Anna Badur, is inspired by the beauty of the sea and is ideal as a stage for your sustainable Christmas gift in the form of Maren jewellery.

Frequently asked questions about sustainable Christmas gifts

Why are jewellery items suitable sustainable Christmas gifts?

Jewellery makes a wonderful special Christmas gift for a number of reasons:

Personality: Provided you are a little familiar with the style of the person you want to give a gift to, jewellery can be a beautiful and individual gift. With timeless and easily combinable pieces of jewellery in the appropriate style, you can present a lasting Christmas gift for eternity that tells your very own story. It becomes even more personal with an individual message in the form of an engraving.

Stable value: jewellery as a sustainable Christmas gift does not lose its value. In the current volatile and worrying times, it can make sense to opt for a gift with stable value. Gold and silver have proven to be stable in value and crisis-proof in recent years. Moreover, gold in particular can be expected to increase in value in the coming years. The percentage of gold in the jewellery is important. The higher it is, the more the jewellery is worth. At Maren Jewellery we only use 18 carat gold. Learn more about Gold alloys in our journal.

Imperishability: Not only the value of the precious metal is permanent, but also the piece of jewellery itself. If you opt for good quality, high-quality jewellery will last well beyond the life of the recipient and can be passed on to future generations as an (emotionally) valuable memento.

We think these are enough and above all convincing reasons why pieces of jewellery are ideal as special and sustainable Christmas gifts.

What are sustainable Christmas gifts?

Sustainable Christmas gifts, just like sustainable gifts and products in general, are made from sustainable materials and produced under fair conditions. In the case of jewellery, only Fair Trade or recycled precious metals should be used. All other components of the jewellery, such as pearls or gemstones, must also be recycled and fairly traded. Their origin must be fully traceable. Ideally, as with us, they use directly in the laboratory grown diamonds . Furthermore, all other materials used such as outer packaging etc. should be of non-animal origin and as plastic-free as possible. Local production at a fair wage and in compliance with all labour protection measures with regard to the activity itself, but also with regard to working hours, should be obligatory in the production of sustainable Christmas gifts.

Other important prerequisites for sustainable Christmas gifts are quality and combinability. Only if the gift lasts a long time and can be combined with a timeless minimalistic design can easily fit into different outfits and looks, it will really be worn permanently. Short-term trends and poor quality undoubtedly do not make for special Christmas gifts.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that only sustainable Christmas gifts should be given that the recipient can really use and enjoys wearing. The most beautiful necklace is too bad as a gift if it only disappears in a jewellery box.

What kind of packaging will my sustainable gift from Maren Jewellery come in?

We offer two high-quality packaging options for your sustainable Christmas gifts in the form of jewellery. We have teamed up with sustainable partners to offer two high-quality packaging options. You can choose between our Linen Case made of linen or our Paper Case made of paper. In addition, our paper insert, filler, shipping labels and even the ink for our wrapping paper are sustainable. If you want to know more about our sustainable packaging, you can find all the information in the Journal on the topic of packaging .

How long will it take to ship my sustainable Christmas gifts?

As a sustainable company, Maren Jewellery usually produces "made to order". This means that only when we receive an order do we start producing the corresponding piece of jewellery. This allows us to save valuable resources. Our production time is therefore 1-3 weeks. Nevertheless, there is also a small stock of pieces that we can ship immediately. You can find this here.


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