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Design der Wilderness Kollektion

Design of the wilderness collection

Design & Maker

Be wild, my love

Maren Jewelery stands forLuxury jewelry in harmony with nature. Even before we forged the first piece of jewelry, that was our declared goal. And precisely because nature is not only our starting point in terms of our choice of resources, but also the strongest source of inspiration, it was only logical that we also design jewelry that bears the signature of the wild. The Wilderness Collection.

The tranquility of the wilderness

When life around us gets too noisy and hectic, we retreat to nature and breathe in its wild, healing peace with deep breaths, letting ourselves fall into the beauty of the wilderness. And when we come back to our everyday lives, we still carry them with us, the signs of nature.

Homage to wild peace

The jewelry from the Wilderness collection pays homage to this wild peace. Every ring, every ear stud and every necklace are moments that have become jewelry, experiences: the sparkling of a waterfall in the sunset, the delicate relief of a wild flower, the liberating feeling of being part of nature.

Wear your love of nature at all times

Wild flowers ring

The beautiful, handmade in Germany Wild flowers ring consists of German recycled 18k gold and is set on the sides with 26 synthetic eco diamonds from Switzerland. In its delicate relief, we captured the wilderness like a snapshot and gave it its own new form. Take the wilderness into your hands and carry your love of nature with you at all times with our Wild Flowers ring!

wilderness earring

Our handmade in GermanyWilderness earrings are made of German recycled 18k gold and are set with 38 synthetic eco diamonds from Switzerland on the front. Like a waterfall in the most beautiful sunlight, simple, quiet and clear, the stones run along the gentle curve. Wear what you love with our iconic, timeless Wilderness earrings!

Wilderness Eternity Ring

A ring for eternity: The Wilderness Eternity Ring consists of German recycled 18 carat gold and, depending on the size, is set with approx. 55 synthetic eco diamonds from Switzerland. Inspired by the play of light and shadow that gives the forest its mystical magic, we have designed a poetic, timeless ring - give your love of nature a unique expression!

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