Memories of the Sea

The endlessness of the sea, a scent of salt and longing, the sound of the waves, more poetry than surf. It probably varies from person to person what the sea evokes in you. But one thing is certain: it does something to us, makes us dream, breathe, it helps us let go.

Perhaps it is the unfathomable blue, which sometimes gently, sometimes wildly, sometimes seductively sways. Perhaps it is the scent of the wind that carries distant aromas all the way to the shore. Perhaps it is the possibilities of the other shores that can be reached across the sea, the possibilities, the people we could have become in another culture, another life.

The sea is full of memories. Some of them are ours, memories of carefree days, the glitter of the waves, the sun reflected in the depths and glimmering as it rises back to the surface. Other memories are old, universal. They live in the spray, belong to everyone who looks to the sea to see more than just water.

We have collected these experiences, these memories and let them pour into new pieces of jewelry: Memories of the sea. A collection of sensual jewelry, full of the longing for the sea, full of memories and love. A collection for you.

Be curious like the ocean, my love.