Green Product Award Winner

Green Product Award Winner

Green Product Award Winner – Wilderness Collection

How do you combine luxury with wilderness? We founded Maren Jewellery for one reason: for a future of luxurious beauty. But: where luxury used to stand for excess, we want it to be understood in a new way today. Sure, still as outstanding in the sense of special. But also natural. Connected with the needs of the earth. That is not a contradiction. At most a shift. And if you think about it, the abundance, the baroque, the ostentatious beauty was only really beautiful for those who, even with all that, could not feel more beautiful than they did before it.

Luxus heißt: Zeit nehmen

Luxury, as we understand it, means being able to take time - for yourself. To ask yourself questions like: Who is the person I meet in the mirror, tired in the morning, challenging in the evening? Luxury means being allowed to take time to think about what clothes, what music, what jewellery might go with what you find there, if you just stand still long enough to look at the pair of eyes in the mirror.

Beauty is natural

And luxury of course also means: accepting the most beautiful things on earth, the natural, what nature has to offer, appreciating them. That is what we have set out to do. For luxury jewellery in harmony with nature. That's why we forge our jewellery from recycled material: from recycled 18-carat gold and white gold, from recycled 925 sterling silver, from synthetic eco diamonds.

Green Product Award

The jury of the Green Product Awards also recognized this. They say: "Wilderness Jewelry is a great example of how craftsmanship, sustainability and design can be combined to create something great. Craftsmanship, sustainability and design intertwine to create something great - our jewellery.

Best of for Maren Jewellery

We are very pleased that we have won the Green Product Awards as Best Fashion Product of a Start-up and thus received the highest award at the Green Product Award 2022. Because that means something. The award honours brands that break new ground, that are innovative, that work sustainably. A critical jury rewards work that has earned it. And that is why we feel honoured.

Origin in nature

The jury particularly liked our Wilderness collection. A collection of jewellery whose origins are anchored in nature. On paths we had to cut through undergrowth, over roots, along precipices and heights, through dark forests and across blinding patches of snow - nature didn't make it easy for us. But isn't it precisely where comfort ends that inspiration lies?

Learning from nature

Being in the wilderness means: giving up control. Here we react instead of acting. We are not the master. We are apprentices. And we learn to live with nature again, to listen to the wind, to the sound of the stream, to the murmur of the trees. A way back to nature. Our Wilderness Collection.

Written by: Moritz Hackl

Moritz is a copywriter, blogger and journalist living in Munich.
More than anything else, he likes to write about the beautiful things in life-
wsuch as about sustainable jewellery.