Maren Jewellery is a B Corp

Maren Jewellery is a B Corp

Just like the B Corp community, one thing has always been important to us at Maren Jewellery: we want to make a difference. From the beginning, it has been a big concern for us that all of our products are sustainable. For us, that means not only that nature doesn't suffer for beauty, but also that we don't harm anyone. Not in any way. Not in the gold mines, not in the diamond mines, not through unfair wages, not through exploitation. We take social responsibility and believe in transparency. That honesty is the only way to win. Beliefs we share with the B Corporation community. And that's why we are insanely happy to be the first German jewelry company to be part of the B Corp movement! B stands for Benefit. Because it's always about more than just increasing profits. We want to do good and could certify ourselves as B Corp because we act ecologically, sustainably and responsibly.

What is B Corp?

B Corp is a global initiative of B Lab, which believes that entrepreneurship obliges. Just like Maren Jewellery, in fact. Because for the B Corporation movement, too, it is essential that the responsibility that comes with every startup is taken seriously. That values are taken seriously. Values like sustainability, like social added value. Values that are synonymous with the brand name. Because they can be proven. In figures. Transparency is also a key aspect in determining whether a company can be a B Corporation. Because only when the values can also be read in figures, when they can be validated, can they be part of the non-profit B Corp community, to which Unicorn, The Guardian and Patagonia also belong. What's more, community is key. Together we can achieve anything. Especially in the association of different entrepreneurs* with a common vision: a responsible future of business. B Corp was founded in 2006. There are now 3600 certified B Corporations from more than 65 countries.

Stakeholder approach to B Lab certification

Shareholder companies have one goal: profit maximization at any price. The ultimate goal is for companies to make as much money as possible in order to increase the value of the company so that people who invest in the company can collect appropriate returns. The B Corp certification approach is different. The B Lab initiative focuses on stakeholders. In other words, everyone who is directly or indirectly affected by a company's activities. These can be employees, suppliers, customers. All those who have an interest in the long-term existence of the company. Their needs are the focus of B Coporations. After all, every company's livelihood depends on it - and that means responsibility.

B Impact Assessment

This answers the question: Who can become a B Corp company? Any company interested in becoming part of the B Corp community can use the free tool available, which has already been used by more than 70000 companies worldwide, to find out what the impact of their company activity is on stakeholders. This is measured by 5 parameters: Corporate Governance, Employees, Community, Environment and Customers. Those who score over 80 points in the assessment qualify for the next step on the way to being awarded the B Corporation sustainability certificate.

What are the benefits of certification?

First of all, B Corp is an award. We were able to qualify. Many strict eyes have looked at our concept very carefully and have come to the conclusion: We are serious about what we do. We are serious about sustainability, serious about mindfulness, serious about corporate and social responsibility. The B Corp certification is a judgment that can be relied upon and that we are proud of. Because it doesn't just mean that all our work is seen. We are especially proud of it because it means: we haven't overlooked anything, no blind spots. Maren Jewellery is exactly what we wanted: A brand that stands for fairness, that stands for beauty, that stands for sustainability.

And the future of a B Corp?

B Corp certification is not something we want to rest on. And we can't do that at all. B Corp has made sure of that. Because every three years, a new B Corp assessment is due, which is even stricter, even more rigorous than the first one was. So B Corp forces us to do what we set ourselves as a goal anyway: To continue to grow, to admit mistakes, to be mindful of ourselves and our corporate culture, to put nature and people first. Because: Beauty is always where people feel good.

''The B Lab Germany team is very proud and happy to welcome Maren Jewellery as the first certified B Corp jewelry brand in the German community. It is impressive how Maren Jewellery is committed to produce everything in Germany - from jewelry to packaging.''

- Janneke Wagner (Part of the founding team of B Lab Germany)

Written by: Moritz Hackl

Moritz is a copywriter, blogger and journalist living in Munich.
More than anything else, he likes to write about the beautiful things in life-
such as about sustainable jewellery.