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Meet the Maker: Kettenmanufaktur Walter Fischer

Meet the maker:chain manufactory walter fischer

Design & Maker

Meet the maker

The Walter Fischer chain manufacturerr, founded in 1908 by Arthur Fischer, has had its roots firmly anchored in Idar-Oberstein for over a century. This city enjoys international recognition for its jewelry manufacturing and gemstone cutting. With a dedicated team of 48 employees, the company has established itself in an area of ​​over 5000 square meters and manufactures a wide range of chains made of aluminum, brass, silver and gold using more than 1000 chain machines.

Manufacturing process and tradition

The production of chains at Walter Fischer begins with a careful selection of recycled materials, both in precious metals and brass. The company has a strong focus on sustainability and pursues its own methods for neutralizing wastewater and treating gases produced during surface processing. The use of chain machines dates back to the oldest machine in 1908. However, over the years it has been modified several times in the in-house workshop to meet current requirements.

Chain design and innovation

Developing new chain patterns and designs is a creative process that takes varying amounts of time depending on the requirements. From the complete redesign of a machine to the quick adjustment of a chain within a few days, the Walter Fischer chain manufactory varies the time span depending on the project requirements. Some new designs emerge organically in production, while others are inspired by customer requests and sometimes developed exclusively for them. The company employs a full-time designer who works on new models every day and develops special clasps for the chains..

For us everyone will Silver chains manufactured by Walter Fischer, including the chains for the Milkyway jewelry and our Bold Essential collection.

Commitment to sustainability and innovation

The Walter Fischer chain manufacturer is committed to strong sustainability measures. The company places great emphasis on using recycled materials throughout the manufacturing process. An efficient photovoltaic system on the company premises enables the company to obtain a significant portion of its energy from renewable sources. In addition to reducing the environmental footprint by using environmentally friendly pellets as heating system fuel, the company invests in state-of-the-art wastewater and exhaust gas treatment technologies that meet the most stringent environmental standards. In addition, all oil used in production is recycled and reused after professional cleaning. These multi-faceted efforts underscore Walter Fischer Kettenmanufaktur's deep-rooted commitment to sustainable production practices and its contribution to the responsible use of our planet's natural resources.


Walter Fischer attaches great importance to quality assurance and sustainability in every manufacturing step. The use of high-quality metals from trusted suppliers and strict quality controls are essential.

Partnership for extraordinary pieces of jewelry

We are proud to have Walter Fischer Kettenmanufaktur as our partner for high-quality silver chains. Walter Fischer's expertise and commitment are reflected in every chain that we process. This collaboration is deeply meaningful to us, and we look forward to continuing to create unparalleled jewelry that embodies the essence of craftsmanship and beauty.

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