More is more - Ring Stacking

More is more - Ring Stacking

Have you heard of ring stacking? The jewellery trend that originated in the USA has also been enjoying increasing popularity in this country for some time now. And we think rightly so! As a mindful, responsible and sustainable company, we want to create timeless jewellery that outlasts trends. Clear lines and rather unagitated, quiet beauty inspired by nature should be reflected in our jewellery. Why do we still want to introduce you to the trend of ring stacking? Because it can be wonderfully combined with our sustainable approach. Because it can also be easily implemented with what you already have, namely the jewellery you already own. We will now explain to you what exactly the jewellery trend of ring stacking is all about and how you can easily make this trend your own.

First of all, what is ring stacking?

True to our slightly modified motto "beautiful and beautiful go together", ring stacking simply means combining several rings with each other. There are almost no limits to your personal interpretation of this trend. Anything you like is allowed. Several rings on one hand and several rings on one finger work together. Usually the rings are worn on the index, middle and ring fingers, but if you like it a little more unusual, you can also decorate your little finger or thumb. Smaller rings on the knuckles can also be eye-catchers.

Each finger can take on its own individual role in the ensemble. You can let your creativity run free and decide every day what your ring stacking should look like today.

Timeless and elegant mix of materials

An outdated jewellery rule says that combining different precious metals is taboo. If you know our collections and our visual language, you will already have noticed that we don't give any importance to this myth. On the contrary: we love the mix of materials and think it wonderfully reflects the diversity of our greatest source of inspiration - nature - and thus also expresses the individual personality of the wearer.

In our opinion, this is true for all jewellery and especially for rings and thus ring stacking. You can easily combine gold and silver rings and showcase your favourite pieces together. Besides yellow gold and silver, white and rose gold are of course also ideal for combining different rings. And if you prefer something more classic and uniform, you can simply stick to one material.

Creative Ring Stacking - Delicate Meets Statement

Similar to the choice of materials for your finger jewellery, there are almost no limits to your creativity when it comes to choosing designs. Put together your ring stacking set as varied or as simple as you like. Simple stacking rings are just as suitable as eye-catching, colourful diamond rings. Different diamond sizes, settings and surfaces harmonise with each other according to your taste and style. If you mainly use more delicate and narrower rings, there is more room for a larger number on your hand. However, a smaller number of rings with more extravagant or wider designs, such as our Wild Lines Ring. You should only pay attention to the mobility of your fingers so that you do not run the risk of being restricted or even injuring yourself.

Ring stacking of engagement and wedding rings has also become very popular in recent years and we are also big fans of combining these two symbols of love. It looks particularly coordinated and stylish when the engagement and wedding ring nestle together without a gap, as is the case with our ReMind mini Solitaire Ring handmade in Germany as engagement ring and our Wilderness Eternity Ring as a wedding ring. Inspired by the play of light and shadow in nature, the interplay gives the person wearing it an equally classic and modern look.

It doesn't matter whether you choose a strong and colourful statement for your individual ring stacking or rather an understatement that only impresses with its elegance at second glance: Your ring stacking has to please you alone.

Frequently asked questions

How many rings should be used in ring stacking?

It's up to you to decide how many rings are used for ring stacking on your hands. According to the trend, the motto is "more is more". The number of rings that you like and at the same time does not hinder you in your everyday life is allowed. Just try it out and put together your own individual ring stacking set to express your unique personality.

Which rings are best for ring stacking?

In principle, all imaginable ring designs are suitable for your individual ring stacking set. Mix and match different materials, cuts, shapes, surfaces and colours according to your taste. More delicate and narrower rings are best suited, but more striking designs can also be "stacked" individually without any problems. For example, if you would like to have more expansive models such as our Wave Ring you can wear "only" this one ring on this finger and perhaps let off steam with several rings on another finger.

How do I find out the ring size for a ring from Maren Jewellery?

The easiest way to find out the ring size for one of our rings is to use a ring that fits you perfectly. On every Maren Jewellery product page, next to the size selection field, you will find our size guide to download or print out, on which you can easily compare the ring with our circle patterns and thus determine the size you need. The sizes shown correspond to the inner circumference of the ring. Of course, this also works wonderfully with a ring from your loved one, if the ring is to be a gift. If you don't have a matching ring at hand, you can find out the ring size by cutting out our measuring tape from the Size Guide and cutting in at the dotted line. Now you just have to put the tape measure around your finger and read off the ideal ring size.


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Written by: Franka

Franka is a freelancer in the fields of marketing and communication and lives with her small family in Munich. She tries to consciously organize her everyday life in order to gradually integrate more sustainability into her life.