Memories of the Sea

Memories of the Sea

New collection

They are sometimes our most beautiful, our deepest and most formative memories: those of the sea. Whether it's the pictures that show us as children, marveling in disbelief at the swaying masses of water, or the longing that the sea triggers in us, somewhere between the sky and the water. The sound of the sea is for us like a promise: There is more, there is reason to dream, there is hope!


The sea is poetry.

For it is hard to imagine that a person looks at the sea and sees in it only a bridgeable distance, that he sees in the ships on the horizon only the goods and in the spray only approaching water. The sea is poetry. And it is precisely this poetry that has inspired us to create new pieces of jewelry, a new collection: Memories of the sea.

Remembering the sea means responsibility for the sea.

For our new jewelry pieces we have been inspired by the light breeze that blows from the sea and is full of memories. Like all our pieces, we forge them from recycled 18 carat gold and set them with synthetic Eco diamonds. Because we think: Those who remember the sea should also remember that the sea needs us. Together, we should take care to always consider future sustainability with our actions. So that future generations can also stand by the sea and marvel at how beautiful, how gentle, how rough it can be!

the maker

Waves ring and earring

How we love to stand on the beach and watch the lines drawn into the water by the waves. It's as if nature is trying to write her own story in the spray with a trembling hand. We took these lines as the model for our Wave Ring and Earring. The result is jewelry that conveys the tenderness and reliable beauty of the waves. We forge them from recycled 18 karat gold and set the ring with 25 synthetic diamonds, the earring with 24 synthetic diamonds.


Drops of memories ring

For us, remembering the sea also means remembering love, the unshakeable connection with the people closest to us, the people we miss. Because: the sea is as much distance as it is connection. And it always confronts us with the mystery of the other shore, with our possibilities and our role in the world. We have put these thoughts of love into the Drops of memories ring. A ring full of love for lovers.


Written by: Moritz Hackl

Moritz is a copywriter, blogger and journalist living in Munich.
More than anything else, he likes to write about the beautiful things in life -
such as about sustainable jewellery.