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Achtsames Reisen – Nachhaltigkeit auch unterwegs

Mindful travel - sustainability on the go


We love traveling to distant places, discovering new favorite places, breaking out of our routines and immersing ourselves in other worlds, getting to know other cultures and meeting new people, trying out unfamiliar foods, exhausting ourselves with exciting activities, the change from ours Everyday life and creating unforgettable memories. Unfortunately, this joy of traveling is usually associated with negative consequences for our environment. Global tourism is responsible for about 5% of climate-damaging emissions. There are also a multitude of other negative ecological, social, cultural and economic impacts that are more difficult to measure but undoubtedly exist.

But when sustainability meets wanderlust, it doesn't necessarily have to end in a contradiction. Slow Travel in German Slow travel is the counter-concept to the tourism boom of the past decades and implies slower, more careful and therefore more sustainable travel. Traveling with the smallest possible ecological footprint and leaving more time to relax, experience holistically, breathe deeply and reflect.sst.

The be-all and end-all of mindful travel lies primarily in research, planning and preparation. Only if you deal with the topic and know what the biggest problems are when traveling can you look for alternative ways and behave in a more environmentally friendly way on the go. To make planning a little easier for you, we have summarized the most important tips for mindful travel below.

The arrival and departure

Of the 5% of climate-damaging emissions just mentioned that are caused by global tourism, 40% are attributable to flights alone. When traveling to and from your trip, you should therefore use alternative means of transport such as the train, bus or maybe even a bicycle. True to the motto The journey is the destination, the journey to the destination should also be included in the travel experience with Slow Travel. While we hardly notice anything on the plane, on the train or bus we can consciously perceive how the environment is gradually changing and we are leaving our familiar surroundings.n.

Local instead of long-distance travel

While exotic overseas destinations are quite appealing to most travel enthusiasts, there is no doubt that there are countless exciting places to explore within our continent and even within our country's borders. For example, how about a hiking tour in the Picos de Europa in Spain, discover the winding streets in Odeceixe in Portugal, photograph the black and white beauty of the old spots in the historic city center of Freudenberg in North Rhine-Westphalia or hop in the Feldberg Lake District north of Berlin, Admiring basalt columns in Northern Ireland or enjoying the hospitality of the people in Albania Germany and Europe have so much to offer that a lifetime is hardly enough to visit all the places worth seeing and the following applies to careful travel: the shorter the arrival and departure, the less CO2 and other harmful emissions they

The choice of hotel or accommodation

Immersing yourself in life elsewhere is often easiest and most authentic with locals. In an Airbnb or a small guesthouse run by locals, you usually learn a lot about the country or city and its people. As a rule, people are open and happy to share their very personal experiences, impressions and give tips off the beaten track.

But sometimes it doesn't have to be an exciting discovery. Sometimes you may just be looking for a leisurely break in nature away from your usual everyday life. In that case, we would like to share some of our favorite nature hotels with you.

A little tip: When choosing a hotel, you can always pay attention to labels and eco-seals. You can find an overview, for examplehere.

Photos: Hofgut


Hofgut Hafnerleiten in Bad Birnbach

This is for all those who are looking for a nature-loving (online) time-out Hofgut Hafnerleiten in Bad Brinbach just the right place. Distinguished for their unique architecture, the idyllically located different themed houses, which are spread over the property, invite you to switch off and relax.

During the day you can relax in front of the fireplace, take part in cooking and barista courses or switch off in the wellness cubes. You can immerse yourself even more in the surrounding nature while hiking, horseback riding or on an extensive bike tour. The host personally takes care of the physical well-being of his guests and attaches great importance to healthy and fresh Mediterranean cuisine.e.

The ideal place to concentrate undisturbed on the essentials, on personal well-being..

Photos: Schlossgut Oberambach / Robert Kittel


Castle estate in Oberambach

In which the Schwabe family has been running for 15 yearsBiohotel Schlossgut Oberambach at Lake Starnberg the environmentally conscious guest gets his money's worth. The beautiful property, which served as a mansion for Franz Freiherr von Lobkowitz and his wife Marie Therese in the 19th century, impresses as soon as you arrive with its magnificent view of Lake Starnberg and the Alps.

The 40 individual rooms are lovingly furnished and designed according to ecological principles. You can relax and switch off in the versatile wellness area, where you can find everything from traditional Ayurveda to wellness treatments with natural cosmetics. The surroundings, in turn, invite you to sporting activities and discovery tours before heading back to the hotel to enjoy the seasonal and regionally prepared fresh dishes. Many of the vegetables and herbs used come from our own Demeter-certified garden.

Photos: monastery courtyard


Monastery courtyard in Bayerisch Gmain

You feel like a wellness holiday in southern Germany Then the 1500 m2 spa area of ​​the Monastery courtyard in Bayerisch Gmain please. The Klosterhof sees itself as a place of inspiration between alpine luxury and a family atmosphere. In the midst of untouched nature and with a wonderful view, you can feel completely at home there.

And the topic of sustainability has also been part of the hotel concept from the very beginning. As a result, ecological aspects became a central requirement in the planning when the hotel was being built. Upon request, guests are provided with inexpensive e-bikes and e-smarts on site, water consumption has been optimized and attention is paid to avoiding waste and recycling. The sustainability efforts in the ecological, economic and social areas were also independently awarded the European Ecolabel.

Photos: CERVO Mountain Resort


CERVO in Zermatt

And last but not least, here is one of our absolute hotel favourites. Somewhere between modern design and cozy alpine hut flair is probably the dreamlike locationHotel CERVO Mountain Resort in Zermatt. Ideally connected and at the same time located at the edge of the forest and on the slopes, the hotel's just over 50 rooms and lodges offer the most beautiful views of the Matterhorn and the surrounding mountains of the Swiss Alps. Another highlight is the Mountain Ashram Spa, which combines rest and relaxation with centuries-old wellness traditions from all over the world.

The conscious and ethical treatment of people and the environment is one of the principles of the house and thus part of all processes and all areas. As a founding member ofResponsible Hotels of Switzerland the CERVO would like to convey its commitment to sustainable tourism to the outside world.

Read with further recommendations

Our selection is limited to Germany and its neighboring countries. If you are looking for further hotel recommendations for mindful travel or if you want to go a little further afield, we would like to give you the book“Bon Voyage from the publishing house Gestaltenn to heart. It is a collection of the most beautiful boutique hotels for conscious travel and wants to show how you can travel the world mindfully and make it a little bit better at the same time.t.

We would like to give you the platform onlineGreen Pearls recommend, where you can find carefully selected hotels around the world with detailed information on their individual sustainability efforts.

on-site activities

Whether just a few minutes by train from Berlin or Munich, in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco or on the beaches of the Portuguese Algarve. At your destination, you should always treat people and the environment with the utmost respect. Take your time to consciously experience the surroundings. Read and learn about the history of the place, taste the culinary specialties and talk to the people. Experience the place with all its facets instead of just catching brief impressions and get involved in the journey.

Wherever you end up: We wish you a good and mindful journey!

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