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Design der Sunrays Kollektion

Design of the sunrays collection

Design & Maker

Like rays of the sun

It's finally back: the sun shines its light on the earth, on the fields and forests. And, as if not quite trusting these warm rays after the long cold, they hide under a protective haze before they allow themselves to be warmed to give in to the desire for life. The prettiest green is that after the grey, black and white of winter.

The sun's rays fall on the earth like an invitation: Dare! Be yourself! Show the world your flowers! Will you heed this call??

A tribute to the timeless beauty of the sun

The Sunray's collection is a homage to the life-giving power of the sun, to the beauty of the fine line that makes all the difference. The sun sends its rays to the earth and everything it touches begins to stir, grow and transform. The sun shows the way: it creates moving beauty with simple, calm lines.

Materials that do justice to nature

The sun is the beginning of life. Nature only exists because of and through the sun. That's why it was particularly important to us to express the naturalness in the materials we use. Materials that are in harmony with nature, that are pure and beautiful and do justice to their source of inspiration. That's why we use recycled 18k gold and synthetic eco diamonds for our jewelry.

Shine bright my love.

Radiant like the sun:our synthetic eco diamonds

The goal was clear: jewelry should be created that captures this momentum. And what shines more beautifully than a pure diamond that not only reflects the light but also captures it, multiplies it, widens it and banishes it at the same time. This precession can be found, for example, in Sunbeam trailer: Like a single ray of the sun, clear, still and beautiful, we forge it from 18k recycled gold and set it with a synthetic eco diamond.

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Timeless, like the rays of the sun

The Sunbeam ring is like flying through a ray of sunshine. The light shines from all sides in the form of two beautifully pure synthetic eco diamonds. Filigree and artfully crafted, it not only enhances any outfit, but is, just like a ray of sunshine, a timeless piece of jewelry.k.

Model mit Sunbeam Designer Ring von Maren Jewellery

Written By Moritz Hackl

Moritz is a copywriter, blogger and journalist and lives in Munich. He prefers to write about the beautiful things in life - such as sustainable jewellery.

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