Packaging - sustainable is possible!

Packaging - sustainable is possible!

Maren Jewellery is a holistically sustainable company. That's why it was important to us from the very beginning to design our packaging accordingly. Packaging. That is already the definition of waste. Something you wrap around the actually desired, longed-for product to protect it. How can it be possible to find a new approach here? How can you turn the necessary into something useful? How can a Maren Jewellery packaging look at all? One thing is clear: this is only possible if you have partners who share our vision.


Our partners:

Linen weaving mill Vieböck from Helfenberg in Austria

The choice is yours: either we ship our handmade jewelry in paper boxes or in beautiful linen bags - our Linen Cases.

We are fortunate to have found a partner in the Vieböck weaving mill for whom, just like for us, craftsmanship is more than the mere possibility of producing something useful; for Vieböck, craftsmanship is passion. And not just since yesterday. In the weaving mill, high-quality linen has been processed into wonderful fabrics since 1832. Anyone who has ever made something with their own hands will know: The love for the raw material, the sensitivity, the honest work - The handmade product bears the signature of passion.

And so it is with the linen from Helfenberg. For their linen fabric, they source exclusively European flax: from Belgium, France and Holland. Flax is a very frugal plant that does not need much water to produce its enchanting fibers. The fibers are processed by an Italian spinning mill into yarn, which is then woven and sewn into all kinds of fabrics in Helfenberg with much love and passion for the craft. The main rule here is: "Don't lose the thread!"

Lebenshilfe Schweinfurt

The high-quality, hand-woven linen is processed further into our Linen Cases in Schweinfurt. More precisely: by the <Reha -und Arbeitswerk, an institution of the Lebenshilfe in Schweinfurt (life aid for handicapped people ). Many helping hands lovingly craft the linen into the filigree cases in which we send you your new favorite piece. When the Maren Jewellery Linen Cases are sewn, they are embroidered with our logo, the mindful m, in Schweinfurt and then make their way to Ulm, where they are just waiting to caress your jewelry on its way to you.

Geschenk mit Hand


Gmund Papier

190 years of paper culture? You can tell. When Gmund Papier starts something, you can be sure that aesthetics and quality are guaranteed. Not only did they design our sustainable packaging, but they also designed us an insert made of paper - instead of the usual foam. Gmund Papier stands for innovative and ecological production. Our Paper Case is a small work of art made of fully recyclable paper.

Gmund Papier has set a new type of environmental standard with its own Environmental Charter. This means that they are committed to certain principles:

> Decreasing water consumption through continuous, efficient optimization measures

> Only sustainable raw materials are used: <Gmund Papier is FSC® Certified

> In production, recycling is carried out conscientiously

> Thanks to in-house facilities, up to 75% of the energy is self-generated through hydropower, solar energy and cogeneration

Etiket Schiller

For 80 years they have been working in Plüderhausen for sustainable alternatives in the mail order business. For Maren Jewellery they have developed beautiful stickers. In addition, Etiket (yes, with a 't' - you can read why on their website) Schiller makes our UPS label from compostable thermal paper.

Ringe mit Diamanten

Weberei Vollmer

A mindful love is written on the beautifully woven ribbons that we include with our jewelry. They are made in Wuppertal by the Vollmer weaving mill. Since 1930, the weaving mill has focused on one thing above all: quality. With great attention to detail, our wishing ribbons are made from 100 percent cotton. You put them on, make a wish - as soon as it comes off, the wish comes true!


At the latest when you want to seal a package, you run into a problem: the adhesive tape. Plastic tape was out of the question for us. All the nicer that we came across Biobiene. For Maren Jewellery, they developed a beautiful paper adhesive tape and sustainably printed it with our brand logo. Our cardboard packaging is also made by Biobiene from 100% recycled waste paper and is thus not only environmentally friendly, but also shipped in a modern design.

Nachhaltige Verpackung

Natürlich Verpacken

It's the crackle before the joy: the filling material, the soft bed in which your jewelry lies before you can finally wear it. At Natürlich Verpacken, we've come across a partner who cares as much about the environment as we do. Made from recycled paper, the Paper Case lies gently in sustainable cushioning material.

Umweltdruck Berlin

Showing your colors with printed matter: This is the motto under which Umweltdruck Berlin, formerly Druckhaus Berlin, works in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner. For Maren Jewellery, the tradition- and environment-conscious house shapes our wrapping paper. Their color is Blauer Engel certified and thus absolutely in line with our vision: holistic sustainability down to the last detail.

Written by: Moritz Hackl

Moritz is a copywriter, blogger and journalist living in Munich.
More than anything else, he likes to write about the beautiful things in life -
such as about sustainable jewellery.