How do I care for my jewelry?

How do I care for my jewelry?

We love our jewelry!

The jewelry we love has its own special meaning for us. We associate people, memories or successes with them, they soak up moments and radiate them whenever we wear them. Because our jewelry connects with our lives in an incomparable way. Especially when we wear high quality jewelry that is designed to last a lifetime.


Here are your tips!

But if our favorite pieces do not get the necessary regular care they need, then they fade and seem to lose their beauty. Yet it's so easy when you know how! Here are some tips on how to keep your jewelry shining as beautifully as the day you first wore it.

1. clean your gold jewelry with soap.

Our 18 carat recycled gold is a very resistant material due to its purity. That means it's super cleanable, and therefore especially good if you're looking for jewelry that can last you a lifetime. Sometimes the closest thing is also the best thing. If your gold jewelry is fading, you should put it in a lukewarm bath with soap, give the soap a moment to take care of your jewelry in the water, then you can take it out of the bath and gently rub it with a soft toothbrush. Then you can simply dry your rings, earrings or bracelets with a soft cloth and they will shine again as beautiful as you!

2. store your silver jewelry as airtight as possible.

Perhaps first something basic: Why does silver jewelry tarnish in the first place? Silver oxidizes. This is the term used to describe the reaction of silver with oxygen. Oxidation causes the jewelry to tarnish darkly and look dirty. This is a completely natural process that is not bad at first. Especially if you know how to minimize tarnishing and care for your jewelry back to its special shine. Because oxygen tarnishes your silver jewelry, it's best to store it in an airtight place if possible. Jewelry boxes or similar are suitable for this purpose. And if your silver jewelry does tarnish, you can clean it out again with a silver polishing cloth or a silver bath.

3. let your diamonds shine!

We love our Eco synthetic diamonds for their incomparable brilliance, for the promise they hold. A promise of uniqueness. That's precisely why it's so important that we take care of our gemstones, so that they always present themselves in the best light. Because even though diamond is one of the hardest materials we know, it can be damaged. For example, if your jewelry is exposed to large temperature fluctuations, if it comes into contact with perfume, cosmetics or household chemicals. But this won't happen if you take care of your jewelry. And it's not that difficult: all you need is some lukewarm water, a little soap and a soft cloth. If you treat your favorite piece carefully, you can enjoy it for a lifetime!

We take away

The bottom line is this: If you love your jewelry, you should show it. Polish it, give it a soap bath and a proper jewelry box. Then you can not only enjoy your jewelry for a long time, but: It will simply stay with you longer. This is also an aspect of sustainability. Because if we take care of what we already own, we have to consume much less new and thus do our earth a favor!


Written by: Moritz Hackl

Moritz is a copywriter, blogger and journalist living in Munich.
More than anything else, he likes to write about the beautiful things in life-
such as about sustainable jewellery.