The view into space - Our new Sphere collection

The view into space - Our new Sphere collection

No one who looks at the stars for longer can remain untouched. One immediately feels a connection. But to what? To oneself? To nature? To the universe? Perhaps all of these. In this feeling of being all-one, we humans give names to all the stars we discover, as if they were our children. Perhaps also because they give us just as much inspiration and hope as children do..

Inspiration and hope

For us at least, the stars have given inspiration and hope. That is why we have tried to translate this cosmic feeling into the language we know best: jewellery.

Jewellery and stars have more in common than the superficial shine that draws the eye to them. Diamonds sparkle like stars, gold shines knowingly like the moon. Jewellery is a symbol of a strong connection between people. Like the wedding ring, for example. Two rings like two stars - between them a line that completes points in the firmament to form the constellation.

Connection. That touched us.

There is nothing that inspires dreams more than looking at the stars. The mysterious twinkling. The sudden shooting stars. The dance of the planets. And more and more a feeling asserts itself: all this is connected. This pale glow has something to do with me. The moon moves the seas, we circle the sun, we dream of Venus. All of this belongs together. We are part of an intergalactic connection. When you let that sink in - how could you not be touched?

Learning to marvel.

Yes, looking at the stars teaches us something that seems to have been lost in recent years: wonder. It no longer fits into our everyday lives. No matter what happens: It has to be immediately classified, understood, analysed. We can't just leave things as they are. But the starry sky forces us to do so. We lie there - amazed. There is nothing we can do about it. No Excel spreadsheet will change the fact that we are at the mercy of the galaxy in which we live. We have to accept it as it is. And we can marvel at it. Amazement leaves no room for the fear that might otherwise seep down from the open roof above us. No, we are not afraid when we stand open-heartedly in front of the starry sky, just like children.

About astonishing connections

But how can this be done? How does one adopt an attitude of wonder? We believe that looking into the universe is a possibility. But only because we see something there that we cannot control. Something greater. Amazement always has to do with humility. In the same way, amazement can be learned when we consciously engage with another person. Listening to him or her - without wanting to directly contradict. But with the intention of understanding. Why does the person say what he or she says? How do these thoughts come about? This engagement with another person is not only the path to wonder, but certainly also the path to connection. One that lasts.

Our new Sphere collection

Our new Sphere collection is all about everything being about us - and us being about everything. It's about connection. Because never has it been more important to know that this still exists: real touch that moves. Not only in cosmic space, but also in the interpersonal.

We forge the jewellery in the Sphere collection - like all our jewellery - from recycled 18 carat gold and set them with synthetic eco diamonds.

Let us stay connected. Because without you we would be lost in space.

Written by: Moritz Hackl

Moritz is a copywriter, blogger and journalist living in Munich.
More than anything else, he likes to write about the beautiful things in life-
such as about sustainable jewellery.