Minimalism - More than a trend

Minimalism - More than a trend

We forge jewelry in harmony with nature. For us, this means not only that we make no compromises when it comes to the choice of our materials, but also that we design according to nature. And that means minimalistic.

Why is minimalism sustainable?

Our design is minimal. We focus on exactly what it is we want to say in each of our jewelry pieces. We dispense with everything that is superfluous. This not only results in a clear, minimalistic design language. It also ensures that we minimize our consumption of resources. We think carefully about how much gold, how much silver and how many synthetic eco diamonds we use - and where we can do without more. That's why minimalism is sustainable, because it focuses on the essentials and cuts out everything else.

Why do we design sustainably?

This is a question that goes straight to the heart. Because first and foremost, we are designers. Each of our pieces of jewelry is infinitely important to us. It's like embarking on a journey together with a raw idea, of which you only get a picture afterwards, when it's complete. Then you sit in front of all the sketches, the attempts and notes and know: it was worth the work.

For us, it's about translating a thought into a piece of jewelry as precisely as possible. Sometimes that is not so easy. Sometimes you fear not being understood if you don't exaggerate. And so a flourish follows a phrase and finally this overloaded ring lies before you, raising the question: Can this piece of jewelry speak to me at all?

We want to forge jewelry that resonates, that resounds. And quite honestly, the sentences that we move again and again in our hearts do not have many words, are not complicated or artificial. They are honest. And that should also be our jewelry. Like a whisper. A breathed: I love you. Minimalism.


Minimalism as a lifestyle

Of course, minimalism goes far beyond the pure design theme. And as a lifestyle, it has just as many facets as life. From food to fashion, from furnishings to social media. Traces of the minimal can be found everywhere. We think: A return to the essentials can always be healing. And only you can determine in which areas of life you need something less.

Learning minimalism

For the record: No one has to be a minimalist. But we are convinced that it is worthwhile to deal with it. That's why we would like to recommend the book Silence: A Guide by Erling Kagge. It contains many exciting suggestions on how to experience silence in a new way.

Written by: Moritz Hackl

Moritz is a copywriter, blogger and journalist living in Munich.
AMore than anything else, he likes to write about the beautiful things in life-
such as about sustainable jewellery.