The Essence Collection

The Essence Collection

Be pure and simple

Sometimes it takes a little time for a feeling to become a sentence. It seems like so much at once, this movement in the chest. But then, little by little, it begins to become clearer. Until finally words are found that hit the mark. If the feeling still comes in a thick woolen coat, the sentence stands there naked. It's the same with ideas. At first, there may be a theme for a piece of jewelry. But then, when you give the idea the space it needs, lines, colors, patterns emerge.


Simple is not easy

Ultimately, every creation process is one of reduction. At the beginning, there are countless ideas that you want to incorporate. And then comes the hardest part: you have to eliminate everything. Yes, really. Everything has to go. Every idea, no matter how good it was. Because if you want to design jewelry that not only looks good today, but should still please our grandchildren, then it has to be one thing above all: simple. And simple is quite difficult. Once everything is gone, so the page is white again, then the ideas have to get in line and wait their turn. Ideas are best when they come one at a time. That's when you can ask yourself the crucial questions: Do they work the same way? Can they sing the solo? Sometimes perhaps also: Is this even still a piece of jewelry?

Reduced to the essentials

For the Essence collection, we wanted to get back to the essence of a piece of jewelry. How much can be taken away without losing the message of the piece of jewelry? That's how we came up with timeless pieces of jewelry that add a timeless touch to any style through their simple elegance.

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The Essential Necklace

We manufacture the Essential necklace from recycled 18 carat gold from Germany. Delicate and elegant, the chain wraps delicately around your neck and gives your style that certain something. A chain that wants to become your daily companion.


The Essential Ring

We forge the Essential Ring from German 18-karat recycled gold, but also from 18-karat recycled white gold. Here, graceful, simple design meets finely crafted craftsmanship. Our Essential Ring speaks whispered words of love where language fails.

Written by: Moritz Hackl

Moritz is a copywriter, blogger and journalist living in Munich.
More than anything else, he likes to write about the beautiful things in life -
such as about sustainable jewellery.